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Give or Gift Secret Santa campaign

Who UK Money Bloggers and BT MyDonate are supporting with #GiveOrGift and why

The charities we’re supporting in this year’s #GiveOrGift campaign were chosen by the members of UK Money Bloggers. We wanted to make sure a wide range of causes were represented, as well as support charities close to our hearts as money savers and financial education supporters.

Money raised will go towards providing food banks, researching a cure for cancer and fighting homelessness. It’ll provide the resources for organisations to offer local financial advice, improve the lives of children and respond to global humanitarian disasters.

Each gets an equal split of a donation. If your Secret Santa gives £5 plus Gift Aid, it means the charities get just over £1 each.

So if 1,000 people take part in #GiveOrGift the charities will receive £1,000. If 10,000 people take part, it’s £10,000, and so on.

We’ve partnered with BT MyDonate on this campaign as they don’t charge any commission on your donation and they don’t charge the charities a fee to be listed. This makes them the only major donation platform which isn’t for profit. It means more of your donation goes to the charity than any other way.

Here are our six charities.

The Trussell Trust

The Trussel Trust

“I can’t remember the last time we had a proper meal as a family. I’ll make something for the kids and pretend I’m eating later, because I don’t want them to know I go without so they don’t have to. It’s hard to afford even basic food. It’s making a decision between that and something else – do you put that £5 in the electric or gas because it’ll be freezing otherwise, or put it into food so the kids can eat?”

The Trussell Trust is an anti-poverty charity which partners with local communities to run a network of over 420 foodbanks across the UK. Trussell Trust foodbanks provide vital emergency food and support to people when something unavoidable – such as redundancy, illness or even an unexpected large bill – hits and there’s no money to put food on the table.

Stopping hunger is about more than food, which is why The Trussell Trust is working with its foodbanks to develop a range of additional services, like money advice and budget cookery courses, which create a lasting impact by addressing the underlying causes of poverty.





Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice


Children In Need

Children in Need


Stand Up To Cancer

Stand Up To Cancer


DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee)



To make your donation, head over to BT.com/GiveOrGift