UK Money Bloggers Discuss: UK Staycation

The beginning of the year is the time where so many of us start to plan our holidays and breaks away for the year ahead… annual leave balances are looking rosy and the thought of having to go back to work after Christmas break pains so many of us that you feel like you need […]

2018 SHOMO awards - UK Money Bloggers

2018 SHOMOS – the winners

The winners for the UK Money Bloggers’ annual awards – the SHOMOs – were announced on 17th November at the SHOMO awards ceremony in London. How the winners were decided Most categories were judged by a panel of four: a money blogger from the SHOMOs committee, a personal finance journalist, a representative of the category sponsor […]


11 sure fire ways to make your #FoodBankAdvent challenge a success

The festive season is well and truly upon us, and here at UK Money Bloggers, it’s been full steam ahead with our Reverse Advent Calendars. Loads of you are joining in, which is fantastic. If you haven’t yet – read more here about what we’re doing and why – then come back here for more […]

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Money bloggers discuss…

UK Money Bloggers Discuss: UK Staycation

The beginning of the year is the time where so many of us start to plan our holidays and breaks away for the year ahead… annual leave balances are looking rosy and the thought of having to go back to work after Christmas break pains so many of us that you feel like you need […]

UK Money Bloggers Discuss: Summer Moneysaving

Summer can work out to be a pretty expensive time for lots of us so this month, we’re sharing a few handy hints to try and save you money keeping the kids entertained over the Summer! When the sun’s shining like it has been lately, we all want to get outside more which, depending on […]

UK Money Bloggers Discuss: Retirement Planning

Have you started planning for your retirement yet?  There are lots of pain-free ways to plan for your retirement so this month, to inspire you, the UK Money bloggers are sharing their own personal experiences with you this. I’m going to tell you about what I do first because I’m really late to the retirement […]

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Loose Change

how to help students manage their money by Araminta Robertson

How to help students manage their money

Araminta Robertson is the creator of Financially Mint, a personal finance blog for university students written by an actual student. She interviews experts, does weird experiments and a ton of research to help her and others graduate financially intelligent. Whether you’re a parent or someone who simply wants to help students out, there are several […]

5 top tips for shopping on a budget by Melissa Bradbury

5 Top Tips for shopping on a budget

This Loose Change Article is written by Melissa Bradbury from Mel’s Money Savings and Bargains, where she looks at saving money on your everyday shopping and finding the best deals possible. I know how hard it is to do your shopping on a budget. I get tempted all the time too. Spending on those goodies […]

Investing in your education as a mature student

David from Money for Monday writes about a range of topics including money, work and life. In 2015 David completed an online HND and today asks whether investment in online courses is a worthwhile expense or best avoided. I didn’t like school and I mean I really didn’t like school. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t one […]

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Blogger round-ups

best of blogs

Money bloggers pick their best content from July 2018

Once more, here’s our monthly round-up of the best money articles, videos and podcasts from the last month. The bloggers get to pick the one they want you to read, so these really are the best of the bunch. If you like what you read, please do comment to let them know, or share it […]

best of blogs

Money blogger’s best articles of June 2018

With so many money bloggers producing content day-in, day-out, there’s a good chance you’ve missed one of these articles, podcasts and videos. As selected by the bloggers themselves, these are the best money blogs of June 2018. Please do comment on any you read and let the bloggers know your thoughts on the subject. Rules […]

best of blogs

Money blogger’s best articles and posts – May 2018

With more than 200 bloggers in our community, it’s difficult to keep up with all the great content they produce to help you make, save or better manage your money. So on this page we’ve asked them to pick one article, video or podcast from May that they really want you to see. Enjoy! An InLinkz […]

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Blogger profiles

UK Money Blogger Profile - Ruth Makes Money

UK Money Blogger Profile: Ruth Makes Money

All about… Ruth Makes Money Ruth Hinds knows what she’s talking about when it comes to making money online – her blog is a fantastic resource for the self-employed and she makes sure her tips are tried and tested to be effective. We spoke to Ruth about her blog and why she writes about money. […]

UK Money Blogger The Wallet Moth

UK Money Blogger Profile: The Wallet Moth

All about… The Wallet Moth Yaz Purnell started her blog to share her path to a digital nomad lifestyle. Knowing that there were many people out there who wanted to break free from their unsatisfying work routines but didn’t have the information they needed to make the leap, she started her site to share the […]

UK Money Blogger Money Nest

UK Money Blogger Profile: Money Nest

All about… Money Nest Samuel Jefferies from Money Nest is on a mission to educate a generation. He aims to help 20-30 year olds who’ve missed out on the benefit of personal finance education in school, and breaks down everything they need to know about money now and in the future. We learned a bit more […]

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Twitter chats

Monday Money UK

Decluttering | #MondayMoneyUK

Sometimes we all accumulate too much stuff. And part of the pain of getting rid of excess belongings is the realisation you might have wasted hard earned cash. But decluttering can be good for you and your wallet as our latest #MondayMoneyUK Twitter chat showed. Our host was Hollie from Thrifty Mum and here’s a […]

Monday Money UK

Egg-cellent Easter finances | #MondayMoneyUK

A long weekend, tons of chocolate and family fun, the Easter weekend can be expensive. So this week’s #MondayMoneyUK Twitter chat offers up ways to save. Our host was Eileen from Your Money Sorted. You can read the best tweets below or listen Eileen discussing the chat on Share Radio. Q1 Q1: Never mind Easter […]

Happy new financial year

Happy New Financial Year | #MondayMoneyUK

You thought New Year was reserved for January didn’t you? Perhaps Chinese New Year. Or the Jewish Rosh Hashana. Well, forget all of them as there’s one which is going to have a bigger impact on you and your wallet – the financial new year. What can you expect? For a start, there are no […]

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