UK Money Blogger Profile: Money Savvy Mum UK

Tell us about you and your blog:

Hello! I’m Ruth and I am the founder of Money Savvy Mum UK. I’m mostly active on Instagram, but am dipping my toes into TikTok too (I’ve been dipping my toes in for about a year actually. I need a boot up the backside!).

What made you start your blog in the ‘money’ niche?

I started my Instagram page after paying off a hefty £21k worth of debt in just 8 months. Initially, it wasn’t a money making thing. I just wanted to share the budgeting skills and money saving tips I had learned about while paying off our debt. I wanted to let other people know that even though it might seem impossible to tackle such a large debt, it’s actually not.

What’s your most popular post to date and why?

My most popular post to date is a post on things I wish I knew in my 20s. I think people are keen to try to learn from others in order to avoid making the same mistakes they made.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about creating content?

The most enjoyable thing about what I do has to be being able to show people alternative ways to manage their money. Take sinking funds, for example. They were an absolute game changer for me and people are totally amazed when I talk about it. Most people have never heard of them, despite them being a really great way to manage your savings.

Where does your inspiration come from for money topics?

My inspiration for money topics comes from hearing how people have followed my advice and have managed to pay off their debt. When I get messages like that, it really inspires me to keep going. I’m always blown-away by how strong and resilient lots of my followers are. I also get loads of inspiration from fellow financial content creators. They create some great content and always inspire me to try to better myself.

What are your tips for getting started with content creation?

My top 3 tips for content creation are to firstly be consistent. I find that my followers respond better when I’m consistent with my content. Talk about topics that you’re interested in. If you aren’t passionate about what you are posting, it will show. And finally, be yourself. I am always told that people love my open-ness and honesty and that’s why they follow me.

Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?

I became a part of the UK Money Bloggers a few years ago as it can be a lonely old world as a content creator. It was great to find a group of people with the same interests and passions and it’s always great to have people to bounce ideas off and offer reassurance if needed.

Quick fire questions…

Number 1 money tip?

track all of your expenses/daily spends. This will tell you if you have any problem spending areas. And it’s very easy to forget the purchase of the odd coffee or magazine if you don’t note it down.

Your favourite investment / bargain?

My favourite investment has to be my air fryer. They are so energy efficient and I hardly use my cooker at all now.

Something you hate spending money on vs something you love spending money on?

Something I hate spending my money on would be something like a hoover, a parking ticket!, or car repairs. I love spending my money on little gifts for other people, and travel. I don’t ever thing money spent on travel is wasted.

Tell us about yourself…

I have two teenagers who have started to be quite sensible with their money and are always looking for ways to earn more. I live in London and run a dog walking and pet sitting business alongside my online work. Since paying off my £21k worth of debt, I am passionate about helping other people to do the same. I love music and love nothing more than going to see bands live. I love going to the cinema, reading, and keeping fit.

Finally, where can we find you on social media?

You can find me online at and on Instagram at

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