Work with us

Work with UK Money Bloggers

If you're a brand looking to engage with bloggers, we can help you connect with the right money blogger.

Brands, agencies and PRs

From event sponsorship to promotional content to user testing to guest bloggers, we’ve helped brands connect with our digital influencers – and can do the same for you.

Our main annual event is the Show Me The Money Bloggers conference and SHOMO awards. It'll take place every autumn in Central London, so do get in touch to find out how you can use this to build relationships direct with bloggers.

Alternatively, we can help on campaigns to get bloggers writing about your brand. Just let us know your budget and campaign objectives and we'll prepare a package that can work for you.

Press and journalists

We've connected our bloggers with journalists for articles and broadcast, both radio and TV. We also produce regular content which can be used in news and feature stories.

Who we won't work with

However, we won't work with short-term lenders or gambling organisations. In fact, if the product isn't good for someone's finances, it's not good for us.