#GiveOrGift Secret Santa pack

If you want to run a #GiveOrGift Secret Santa in your office or with your friends and family, here’s the pack you need to make it happen.

You can download our sign up sheet to get started. There is enough space for 9 people per sign up sheet. Just print out multiple sheets for more participants.

We’ve also produced a poster to put in your office to encourage people to take part.

Simply click to open each and then choose to either print or download.

Then once everyone knows if they’re buying a gift or making a donation, you can hand out a special #GiveOrGift certificate so there’s something to present when you do the gift exchange, or email across if it’s a virtual Secret Santa.

Sign up sheet:  PDF

Poster:  PDF

Giving certificate: PDF

To make your donation, head over to justgiving.com/page/give-or-gift-2023

#GiveOrGift instructions

  • Talk to friends and colleagues to see if they’d be keen to take part this year. We’ve posters you can use to help spread the word
  • Decide the spending cap for both donations and presents
  • When everyone is on board, print out the GiveOrGift name sheet

TOP TIP: Pre cut the slips so people can fold up their paper straight away and put it straight into a cup or bag. This gets around people worrying what others are doing and just focus instead on what matters to them.

  • Ask your team mates or friends to write their name and tick whether they want to “give” or to receive a “gift”. Remind everyone that it’s fine to pick either!
  • Take the slips of paper out of the hat so they’re randomly assigned to others in the group. If they pick their own name out, get them to put it back in and choose another. Make sure everyone knows what to do if they’ve been asked to “give”.

TOP TIP: We’ve included the JustGiving link on the signup sheets for Santas to donate to KidsOut – but people are welcome to request their own cause

  • Print out a Secret Santa certificate so there’s something to be given out when you all get together. You can also email it if you’re taking part virtually.