#GiveOrGift Secret Santa pack

Give or Gift Charity Secret Santa

If you want to run a #GiveOrGift Secret Santa in your office or with your friends and family, here’s the pack you need to make it happen.

You can download our instruction sheet and sign up sheet to get started. There is enough space for 12 people per sign up sheet.

We’ve also produced a poster to put in your office, and some text to include in an email.

Simply click to open each and then choose to either print or download.

Instruction sheet:  JPEG

Sign up sheet:  JPEG

Poster:  JPEG

Then once everyone knows if they’re buying a gift or making a donation, you can hand out a special #GiveOrGift certificate so there’s something to present when you do the gift exchange.

Giving certificate: JPEG

To make your donation, head over to BT.com/GiveOrGift