17 of the best posts by money bloggers in July 2016

july 2016 money blogger round-up

Each month the bloggers who are part of UK Money Bloggers pick their favourite or most popular post they published in the last 30-odd days. Here’s a round-up of the articles selected for July 2016.

Hannah at Feast Style Thrive: “I chose this because of the feedback I’ve had – people are finding the app advice really helpful.”

Ditch the gym – how to keep fit for free

Jon at The Money Shed: “I chose this one as it helps others to understand how to earn some serious money from their blog.”

How to get Sponsored Posts for your blog

Nicola at The Frugal Cottage: “I chose this one as it helps people to see that you can retire early without depriving yourself along the way!”

Deprivation Is Not Part Of The Journey

Cass at Frugal Family: “I think people tend to spend a lot of money having fun with the kids over the Summer Holidays but it’s really not necessary.”

100 frugal but fun Summer activities….

Ricky at SkintDad: “I’ve chosen this post because I believe teaching your children all important financial lessons as early as possible is a sure fire way to help them as they enter adulthood.”

From Birth to 18: Practical Financial Lessons for Your Child

Andy at Be Clever With Your Cash: “I chose this post as it’s so easy for people to miss out on money that’s rightfully theirs.”

How I found £600 of lost cash

David at Thinking Thrifty:I chose this because love is blind and I wanted to highlight the associated risks with joint credit agreements.

How Your Relationship Can Affect Your Credit Report

Sara at Debt Camel:  “I chose this because I was horrified by the story – but it’s good to know that the Financial Ombudsman made one lender behave better.”

“I borrowed 20k in two weeks” – a bipolar spending spree

Leanne at Broke in the Big Smoke: “I chose this as people often ask me how I can afford to go to the theatre so often in London so I put together a guide on how to save money on theatre trips”

Ways to save money on… Theatre Tickets

Francesca at From Pennies to Pounds: “I chose this blog post about meal planning because so many people mention how they struggle to save money on food shopping and I believe that meal planning is of huge importance in reducing your food bill.”

Meal Planning – Reduce Your Spending & Stress Levels!

Becky at Saving Scotts: I chose this because it’s a great innovate side hustle.”


Emma at From Aldi to Harrods: “I chose this post because it never ceases to amaze me that people buy some really weird stuff on eBay.”

10 Weird Things That Sold on eBay in July 2016

Hayley from Disease Called Debt: Debt and love – it’s a grey area in relationships. Although I’m a big believer in supporting a partner who has debt, there is ultimately a point where debt becomes too much of a problem to work through. I chose this post, because I think this is a topic that needs some debate!”

Does Your Partner Have Debt? When to Walk Away

Faith from Much More With Less: With the summer holidays upon us, this post talks about what food to pack to cut the cost of a self-catering holiday.”

Lisa from My Money Spot: “I chose this as who doesn’t love freebies? Follow this guide to get started.”

Amazon Freebies

Esther from Money Nuggets:I’ve put together a list of some of the leading female money experts in the UK, including money coaches, financial planners, writers and economic experts.”

21 Female Money Experts Who Really Get Women’s Finances

Lee from Homely Economics: “I chose this post because collecting incentives for switching bank accounts was a weird hobby of mine that helped us to save up a deposit for our house!”

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