Ways to get involved

UK Money Bloggers is a community of people who write online about money and personal finance – from frugal and thrift to debt and deals.

The idea is to bring us all together through meet-ups, Twitter and link parties and the SHO-MO awards.

Here’s how money bloggers can get involved:

Our Facebook Group

Our place to “meet” and share! Join up here. It’s a private group so you’ll need to request to join.


You can follow Show Me The Money Bloggers via @UKMoneybloggers.

Meet ups

We run an annual conference called Show Me The Money Bloggers, and regular meet-ups through the year. More on our events page.

Campaigns and content

We’ll be co-creating content to share and inspire each other, plus launching campaigns to highlight the issues we want to highlight as a community.

The SHO-MO awards

See who won the first Show Me The Money Blogger awards here.

If you’ve any questions, please do email me at [email protected]


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