Best of the Blogs – April 2017

Another month has passed us by so it’s time for us to share a round-up of the best blog posts from your favourite UK Money Bloggers.

It’s an amazing collection of posts for you this week with everything form brownies to bank accounts and from redundancy to family days out so make yourself a cuppa, grab a rich tea and have a good read through them all!

Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash has picked his article “My 11 current accounts, and why I’ve got each one” to show just how much better off you could be switching bank

Kelly had so many of the kids Easter eggs left over, she turned them into lunch box Brownies!

Hollie is sharing her post about the shared economy because there is so much money to be made just from items lying around the home.

David from Thinking Thrifty chose this article as redundancy is not always necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it’s a stepping stone to better things.

Lee would like to share her Child Maintenance planner. She developed it to help parents organise their CMS or CSA cases and hopefully make a difficult and emotional process easier to cope with.

Tightwad Mama is sharing her post about her free family trip to Woburn Safari Park because she wants to show being frugal can still be fun!

Sara is sharing her post with a simple traffic light colour warning system for credit card debt.

Paula is sharing this post on tackling the family food budget as she prepares this month to get their food spending under control and save money.

Emma is sharing her posts on 10 things we should all be doing to save money because it is easy to forget some of the basics.

Fiona is sharing her post on why she chose to have an Independent Celebrant at her wedding and why having one could save you money on yours.

Shoestring Jane is sharing her post about saving money in the garden because the growing season is upon us!

Lynn is sharing her confessions of a personal finance blogger. She comes clean about her debt secret.

Lesley is sharing her recipe for cake that needs just 2, or maybe, 3, ingredients. It caused quite a stir! She was tempted to call it SHTF cake, but refrained.

Keen to cut your food costs by growing some of your own? Faith chose her post about where to buy veg seeds for less, including freebies and packets from just 25p!

Constantly finding bargains and deals before everyone else? The Frugal Teen shares her tips on how to turn this skill into a great side hustle with the site Just Looking!

Katy is sharing 21 unusual ways to save money. Find some new inspiration in your quest to save the cash.

Nick from Pounds & Sense is sharing 12 great ways to save money on Amazon. Learn how to save shedloads of money on the world’s favourite online store!

Eileen from Your Money Sorted is sharing this post about saving £800 in a month, because she wants to show you how you can do it too.

Michelle from Time and Pence is sharing her post about cheap family holidays because holidays during school half terms can be so expensive and she wants to share the way she got around it in the hope that it might inspire somebody struggling with holidays to do the same.

And last but not least, I’m sharing my post about the three prom dresses we bought for under £7.50 each.

I hope you enjoy reading that little lot!

See you next month.

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