Best of the blogs – September 2017

It’s time for more amazing posts from your favourite UK Money Bloggers!


I can’t believe it’s already time for another monthly UK Money Bloggers round up!  This month your favourite UK Money Bloggers

This month your favourite UK Money Bloggers have chosen some great posts to share with you so if I were you I’d grab yourself a cuppa and a biscuit and have a good old read through them all.


Emma from The Money Whisperer is sharing some easy ways to bring down your home and contents insurance premium.

Laura from Savings 4 Savvy Mums is sharing 99 ways to save money for your family.

Clare from My Money Cottage is sharing her experience with multi-level marketing (MLM).

Martyna is sharing her money-saving tricks for all those who are going to visit London.

Kelly from Reduced Grub is sharing a frugal but immune boosting soup ready for the Winter months.

Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash has shared how he tried to learn investing, but ended up blagging it instead.

Lisa from My Money Spot is sharing her top disability-friendly tips for shopping in Aldi.

Sara saw that the regulator wants lenders to improve their complaint handling – so here are her 10 tips for payday lenders, who are easily the worst!

Or from Cord Busters is sharing his TV cord cutting calculator, where you’ll see how much you can save by ditching cable TV.

Eileen wants to help you to learn new habits that will help to spend less money and be richer in the long term.

Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny is sharing her August update on her debt story. And admits a setback.

For those inspired by The Great British Bake Off, Fiona is sharing her top tips for Baking on a Budget.

Nicola from The Frugal Cottage is sharing how you can earn an extra £1,000 a month, plus asking you to think about what you would do with it!

Helen from The Complaining Cow is sharing the press release around the 3 for 2 Argos con and other issues with Argos.

Emily from A Thrifty Fox is sharing her top tips of getting out of debt (based on personal experience!)

With the new university year just starting, Boost My Budget is sharing these top 5 money tips for students.

Charli from One Wage Family is asking whether it’s still worth selling clothes on ebay.


Lesley found this wonderful savoury way of using apples from the garden. Great as a side dish, with a jacket potato or even on toast with some cream cheese.

Katy from Katykicker is sharing her post about success. Katy feels that success is something an individual should measure based on their own life.

Carol from A Journey to a Lifetime is sharing tips to get prepared for school next year (yes next year) as let’s face it school is expensive.

Faith from Much More With Less is sharing a post about issues to consider when buying a retirement home, and why newly-built properties might drop in value.

Kerry from Money Saving Journeys is sharing the post Statement of Affairs and why you need one.

Lee has written some advice to help train your child to save and spend wisely.

Money Tree Lady discusses the idea of goals having the potential to impact every decision you make, becoming a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’.

Neil from P2Pblog sharing his returns from the Nutmeg robo advisor (both highest and lowest risk portfolios) over the last 5.5 months.

Emma is sharing her Make £1,000 for Christmas challenge because families get an average of £600 into debt over the Christmas period and she is on a mission to help people make some extra cash for the big day.

Jane finds some cheaper options for her usual haircare and wants to know if other mums could take the money saving challenge of giving up hair dye.

Jane from Shoestring Cottage is thinking ahead and planning for a frugal Christmas.

Tightwad Mama is sharing her post on how to improve your credit rating because it can be hard to know where to start!

Olly from is digging out the slow cooker to put together some frugal low fuss, low cost treats – this month is Tikka Masala!

Nick from Pounds and Sense is sharing this guest post about ways grandparents can save money on days out with their grandchildren because he aims to share financial tips and advice that will assist older readers.

And last but not least, here’s one from me all about how proud I am that my teenager has two designer bags (don’t judge until you’ve read it).


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