Best of the blogs – February 2016

Best of the blogs - Feb 2016

There are hundreds of money bloggers in the UK, so there’s a good chance you’ve missed out on one or two of the following ten blogposts. Each has been selected by the blogger as their top post for February 2016.

Zoe Morrison – Introducing a new concept – upusing!

I picked this because I think there is a lot of untapped potential for upusing and it can save money!


Lotty BurnsFree B&Q unsold stock

I found this pretty unknown trick. It was really popular on social


Andy Webb – Happy 2nd Birthday Be Clever With Your Cash

Happy 2nd Birthday Be Clever With Your Cash


Kalpana FitzpatrickHow £31 a week can give your child financial freedom

A super popular post and an educational one, because people don’t really understand investment ISAs and how they can save for their children!


Esther MukoroWhat is a credit score?

I wrote an post on Credit Score which was very in depth yet easy to understand. I am sure most people will find it useful.

Your Credit Score: How It Really Works


Lynn JamesHow I made £1,000 on Topcashback

This was my most popular post in February, demistifying the world of cashback.


Lesley Negus – Fiery Spiced Potatoes

I picked this one for Fiery Spiced Potatoes as it is a typical recipe testing process for the blog, with a cheap meal at the end of it . Many readers are learning, along with myself, on how to use spices in their meals.


Hayley JayneReally Want to Pay Off Debt? You Might Need to Change Your Friends

Really Want to Pay Off Debt? You Might Need to Change Your Friends


Sara WilliamsPayday lenders – email addresses for complaints<

If you are wondering who would would want email addresses for 50+ payday lenders – the answer is the tens of thousands of people that might be able to get refunds for “unaffordable loans”.


Martyna ElsterHow to save about £2,000 in a year

I keep coming back to this post myself when I set up another bank account so it may be useful for other readers as well.

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