Love and Money – UK Money Bloggers share their thoughts

Many couples will tell you that one of the only things they argue about is money.

It’s completely understandable when you stop and think about it because we all have totally different opinions on what’s the best way to manage our money.  It’s such an emotive subject that even small differences in opinion can seem like a massive issue.

Our weekly Twitter chat, #MondayMoneyUK was all about love and money this week (you can have a quick catch up here) and it was so interesting that we decided that we wanted to take the discussion a bit further by asking some of our favourite UK Money Bloggers to share their posts about the subject.

We’ve got some great posts to share with you today but don’t worry, it’s not all about arguments and differences of opinions, we’ve got some ideas of gifts to buy that won’t break the bank and meals to cook on a budget so you can celebrate without spending a fortune.

Cass Bailey – What to do if your partner doesn’t want to be frugal.

Olly Cator – A round up of budget frugal meals.

Frugal Queen – Why he’ll always be my Valentine

Katy Kicker – Valentines gifts for under £10.

Tony Padbury – 10 free or cheap Valentines ideas.

Naomi Willis – The cheapskate’s guide to Valentines Day.

Naomi Willis – Does age or gender effect financial behaviour?

Lee Balders – The true cost of love.

Sara Williams – His and Hers, debt and relationships.

Emma Drew – Managing our money after marriage.

Esther Mukoro – How to resolve financial problems in relationships.

Esther Mukoro – How to handle finances in a relationship.

Lesley Negus – How to make a three course meal for under £2.

Jenni Hill – Five signs your partner is holding you back financially.

Hannah Brice – Romance on a budget.

Happy Valentines Day, however you spend it.

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