Managing money: Best of the June 2016 money blogs

Managing money best of uk money bloggers blogs june

We money bloggers write about a huge variety of money matters – so much so that this month’s round-up has been split into three articles! This one covers their fave posts to help you manage your money – from dealing with debt to relationships with friends and family.

Each of the following articles have been picked by the blogger as the top blogpost they published in June 2016.

Seven easy ways to save up for something you want by Cass from The Diary of a Frugal Family

“As thrifty as I like to think I am, I still have trouble putting money to one side to save up for something I want so this is my post about the different ways that you can save up for something you want. Now let’s see if I can follow my own advice and save some money for our holiday in August ;-)”

Seven easy ways to save up for something….

Positive mindset chosen by Lynn at Mrs Mummy Penny

“It’s my take on how rejection can be a really great thing. All about positivity, wellbeing and the twists & turns in life.”

Positive Mindset – How Rejection can be a good thing

The Rules Of Wealth chosen by Bola at Refined Currency

“I’ve chosen this article because they are important life lessons on money we can all adopt.”

The Rules Of Wealth

Should Friendship Come Before Paying The Bills? chosen by Ricky from Skint Dad

“I was stuck between a rock and a hard place this month when a close friend asked me to borrow a huge sum of money that would wipe out my savings but help clear his debt. I found myself asking what was more important; friendship or money.”

Should Friendship Come Before Paying The Bills?

Our Married Money – Managing Finances as a Couple chosen by Lee from Homley Economics

“It was interesting (and a bit shocking) researching how other couples manage their money together… I mean, reading articles online, not eavesdropping on my friends!”


What To Do When You Are Disillusioned chosen by The Journey chosen by Nicola at The Frugal Cottage

“This has been popular this month, as it’s quite a personal, honest account of how I’ve been feeling about our journey so far in terms of not being in the best possible position. There are tips on how to keep going when the going gets tough!”

What To Do When You Are Disillusioned By The Journey

What’s the difference between DDs, STOs and CPAs? chosen by Sara at Debt Camel

“Not enough people know the difference between Direct Debits, Standing Orders and Continuous Payment Authorities – so this article looks at how each works and what they tend to be used for – and why CPAs are dangerous!”

What’s the difference between DDs, STOs and CPAs?

Can You Get a Mortgage After a Debt Management Plan? chosen by Hayley at Disease Called Debt

“One worry that many people have if they have to enter into a debt management plan is just how badly it will affect their credit rating – and whether it’s still possible to get a mortgage afterwards. In this post, I explain my experience of trying to secure a mortgage after serious debt problems.”

Can You Get a Mortgage After a Debt Management Plan?


*Views expressed in these featured posts are those of individual bloggers and do not necessarily represent UK Money Bloggers or other bloggers in the community*

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