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Ex-teacher Emma Bradley has been blogging for six years and full time for two. As well as Mums Savvy Savings, Emma blogs at Emma and 3 and is also the editor at Tots 100. She’s a fan of wine, clothes and going away (who isn’t), but Emma doesn’t like to waste money when enjoying these things. She’s been a finalist in The Mad blog awards in the School Days category and Thrifty category (2015) and was awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution’ (2014). Her blogging claim to fame was being on The One Show with a money saving tip which Anne Robinson chose as the best tip!

Tell us about your blog.

Mums Savvy Savings is my money and time saving blog and it was born three years ago when I decided to blog full time. I already had one successful blog and I wanted to separate out what I was writing about. I have always shopped smartly and looked for a bargain.

Why do you write about money?

We had our children relatively young and made a decision at that point that we would only pay for something we had the money for. We don’t buy anything on credit and as such we save and work hard to pay for everything. This has meant that we look for bargains where we can. We try not to pay full price for anything but this does not impact on the quality of our life. We live well and we have money but don’t believe in being wasteful.

How did you start blogging?

Like many I fell into blogging. It started when I was on maternity leave six years ago. I started entering competitions, and was very lucky, but discovered blogs in the process. I then decided to start my own – little did I know that it would lead to a change of career. I left teaching two years ago to blog full time and make a living from blogging. I now write freelance, I am the editor of Tots100 plus I run my own two blogs and blogger outreach for companies.

What’s your most popular post and why?

I have two really popular posts – one is about getting beauty products for less – see, it is all about getting more for your money rather than going without!


What’s your favourite post you’ve written and why?

I enjoyed writing 22 ways you know you are a money saver as I was secretly pleased at the varying ways we live by our beliefs and values.


What’s your number one money tip?

Never pay full price! Always look for a deal.


What’s your top blogging tip?

Get involved with other bloggers, it is a really supportive community if you give comments and support you too will be supported.

Also, I pay for things I can’t do or would take me too long. I am an ideas person but lack technical computer skills for example. Therefore I pay someone when I need technical support or want a new look on the blogs.


Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?

To be supportive of others and also learn more ways to live well on less.


Who are your three favourite UK Money Bloggers?

Becky from Baby Budgeting as I have known her a long time and she is very generous and always supportive and encouraging. I am enjoying getting to know more money bloggers who are outside of the parenting blogging community which is where I have been over the past few years. Charlotte from Lotty Earns is lovely and very community spirited, often sharing opportunities. Finally, a shout out to Emma from Coupon Queen whose energy and enthusiasm is catching!

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