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UK Money Blogger Skinted Minted Mum

All about… Skinted Minted Mum

Skinted Minted Mum is a blog written by two financial journalists, Jane Wallace and Charlotte Beugge.

By combining their skills and experience, they’ve created a resource to help everyone manage their money – whether skint or minted. We spoke to Jane about the blog.

Tell us about your blog.

Family finance tips whatever your budget!


Why do you write about money?

Both Charlotte and myself have many years of experience writing about personal finance for national newspapers and other publications.


How did you start blogging?

It was an idea we floated over a girls’ lunch with a glass of wine …


What’s your most popular post and why?

The blog was called ‘Six things to do that mums enjoy too’.

It detailed a few child activities which parents could get something out of too. We posted it at the start of the school holidays with eight or so weeks of unfilled days stretching ahead. It flew.


What’s your favourite post you’ve written, and why?

It’s called ‘Can’t afford a girls’ weekend away? Five alternatives’.
This was just fun to think up. It was well-received too.

What’s your number one money tip?

Prioritise saving by doing it at the beginning of the month, not the end.


What’s your top blogging tip?

Make your headline eye-catching. If it’s not interesting, no-one’s going to read on.

Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?

It’s a fantastic resource and also a supportive community.


Who are your three favourite UK Money Bloggers?

I can’t really say because everyone’s blog has great things in it.

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