Money Lowdown Live – July 8th 2020

An evening of free talks about money on Wednesday 8th July 2020.

Following the success of our Lockdown Money Live online seminar in May, we’re back with a new name but the same insights from the best money bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers and influencers.

Money Lowdown Live will take place on the UK Money Bloggers Facebook page and consist of three talks about money at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm. Each session will last around 35 minutes.

This time we’re going to look at your money in the new normal after lockdown, shopping now lockdown is easing and pocket money for kids.

Leading money bloggers Andy Webb from Be Clever With Your Cash and Naomi Willis from Skint Dad will once again host this virtual event, joined by other money bloggers to discuss the topics.

The event is sponsored by PensionBee.

For updates on this event before and after the 8th July sign up here.

If you want to rewatch sessions from our last live event, you can do that here.

7pm Session 1: Your money and the “new normal”

Andy and Naomi are joined by Dawn Stacey from What Dawn Did to find out what to watch out for as the UK eases out of lockdown.

We’ll be talking about keeping your new money habits, how to manage uncertainty with jobs, and how to plan for the future.

Watch here at 7pm

8pm Session 2: How much pocket money is enough?

Naomi is joined by Ken Okoroafor from The Humble Penny and Lynn Beattie from Mrs Mummy Penny to work out if you’re giving your kids too much, too little or just enough.

Watch session 2 here at 8pm 

9pm Session 3: Shopping in the new normal

Finally at 9pm, joining Andy are Helen Dewdney from The Complaining Cow and Bronni from to work out how to shop safely in the new normal – whether that’s on the high street or online.

Watch session 3 here at 9pm 

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