Nominate your fave money blogs for the 2019 SHOMO awards, sponsored by Quidco

SHOMOs money bloggers awards

YOU can nominate your fave money blogs for an award.

Nominations are now open for our fifth annual SHOMO awards, once again sponsored by cashback site Quidco.

If you’re a money blogger, the SHOMOs are your chance to get some recognition. Most blogging awards put all money bloggers together – if they’re not lumped into a lifestyle category – but the SHOMOs give us a chance to celebrate our specialisms, and showcase the breadth of topics we write about.

We’ve a couple of new categories this year. Here’s the full list

  • Money blogger of the year, Sponsored by Quidco.
  • People’s choice award, Sponsored by PensionBee
  • Best personal finance blog 
  • Best money saving blog 
  • Best money making blog 
  • Best investment blog 
  • Best money podcast 
  • Best new blog 
  • Best family and money blog 
  • Best frugal & thrift blog
  • Best frugal food blog
  • Best specialist money blog
  • Best money social influencer, Sponsored by Habito
  • Best money micro influencer
  • SHOMOs success of the year
  • Money blog post of the year
  • Best company, charity or brand money blog

The winners will be announced at the Show Me The Money Bloggers 5 conference on September 14th 2019.

How to nominate

All awards are open for public nominations except Money blogger of the year and People’s choice. These are shortlisted by the SHOMOs committee.

For the remaining categories, nominations close on 1st June 2019.

Just fill in the nomination form at the bottom of the page by entering the web address of the blog you think should win the category.

You can nominate your own blog. You don’t need to enter a nomination for each category.

Depending on the number of entries in each category, a shortlisting process may be undertaken to produce a list of finalists, but the number of people who nominate you WON’T be taken into account. This means there is no need to ask people to nominate you. In fact, please don’t do this if you’ve already nominated your blog. PLEASE!


  • For the purposes of the SHOMOs, a blog is a written article which reflects or shares the writer’s experiences or expertise.
  • Only posts published between July 1st 2018 and May 31st 2019 are eligible.
  • The blog, vlog or podcast must have published at least one post a month in this period.
  • The SHOMOs are for independent bloggers and podcasters. An independent blog or podcast is classed as:
    • A blog or podcast created from scratch and run by an individual or individuals
    • Not owned or part-owned by a larger corporation, brand or company
  • There must be at least six money-related blog posts relating to the relevant category (e.g. six posts on making money for Best Money Making Blog) written by the blog owner (i.e. not guest bloggers)
  • Vlogs, podcasts and social media are recognised in their own categories
  • UKMB does not support payday lenders or match betting and content related to this will not be considered by the judges
  • Eligibility is at the organisers’ discretion


More on each category: General awards

Money blogger of the year

Sponsored by Quidco
The top blogger of the year. The judges will be able to select their favourite blogs from all the winners and runners-up, with the top blogs forming the Money Blogger of the year shortlist. It’s more than just about content, we’re looking for people who embody the UK Money Bloggers ethos. You cannot nominate for this award.

People’s choice

Sponsored by PensionBee
All the nominated blogs will be automatically be entered into the People’s choice award. Readers will then get to vote for the blog which they love the most!

Best new blog
One for the newbies. As long as the blog is about money and was started after June 1st 2018, it’s in with a shout.

Money blog post of the year

We’re looking for a standout article that made a difference. Did your readers really get behind it, or maybe you broke news?

SHOMOs success of the year
Whether it’s an outstanding campaign or a blogging achievement, we want to know who you think has had a great year.

More on each category: Specialist categories

Best money saving blog
Who posts the articles that help you spend less? Let us know your nomination for the site that regularly cuts your costs through tips, deals, competitions, coupons or freebies.

Best money making blog
Who has the tricks and tips to boost your budget? Blogs which primarily focus on Matched betting and not other side hustles will not be considered, so please don’t nominate them.

Best personal finance blog
These bloggers should know their stuff – and help you make decisions when saving and managing money, covering topics such as banking, bills and savings.

Best family and money blog
Family finances are a popular topic for readers. Nominate the blog which helps you make the most of your budget while raising kids.

Best frugal food blog
Filling the fridge is a big expense, which is where the frugal foodies can really help us dish up tasty meals on a budget.

Best frugal & thrift blog
One for the blogs that help you spend as little as possible. Nominate the blogger who helps readers get by with thrifty tricks and frugal tips.

Best investment blog
This is the serious stuff. Who’s helped you make the big decisions on investing and your future?

Best specialist money blog

From debt to the environment and from fashion to travel, who’s cornered the market in money blogging for a specific audience?

Best money podcast
Tell us your top podcast on all things money.

Best money influencer

Sponsored by Habito
For those with 10,000+ followers on a single platform. An individual or blog can be entered for this category multiple times, but can enter only once per social channel.

Best money micro influencer
Recognising the social media influencers with less than 10,000 followers on their chosen platform. An individual or blog can be entered for this category multiple times, but can enter only once per channel.

Best charity, company or brand money blog
There are some great blogs out there run by companies, charities or brands. Nominate your favourite here which is too big for our independent categories.

Now, get nominating! Remember nominations close 1st June 2019.

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