UK Money Blogger Profile – Monethalia

Why do you write about money?

I am documenting my journey to financial independence hoping to inspire and encourage others. I want to show people that it is much easier than it seems by providing ideas and tips on how to earn more and save money.


How did you start blogging?

When reading other blogs about financial independence, most bloggers said it was possible even on a normal income to become financially independent. I couldn’t identify myself with them because they already had a few £100,000 saved up and were making a substantial income from their blog.

What’s your most popular post and why?

My most popular post is about my matched betting profits. I think this because I am already an expert in this field and can show others how to make matched betting sustainable in the long term.

What’s your favourite post you’ve written, and why?

My favourite post is actually this month’s saving report. This is because it highlighted that my finances have become much more organised and I could see I made progress. I hope the information from this post will be useful for others who are just starting out.

What’s your top blogging tip?

A blog takes time and effort to develop. Those making six-figures a year from blogging do so because they spent long hours working on it. Hard work will always pay off, it just takes time.

Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?

I was looking for like-minded individuals and a community from which I can learn.

And now…some quickfire questions
What’s your number one money tip?

Money will come to you if you put in the effort.

What is the best bargain you have ever bought?

My £50.00 winter coat from H&M. Ten years old and it still looks like new. And yes, I do wear it every winter as it is my only coat.

What is a product / service you are happy to pay the extra for?

Gym membership. I hate exercising and would never go jogging or cycling. I think being healthy is more important than having money. Nothing worse than managing to retire at 40 and die of heart failure at 41.

Tell us something about yourself.

Originally, I am from Germany. I came to the UK six years ago to study. In the beginning, I couldn’t even understand my lectures! Now I am working as a professional writer, writing the very papers I was struggling to understand back then. This is why I believe that hard work will pay off. If not, you have not worked hard enough.

And finally…where can we find you on social media?

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