UK Money Blogger Profile: Sawyerr’s House Money Lifestyle

This week we chat to Deborah from Sawyerr’s House Money Lifestyle and discover the reasons she blogs about money, and more!

Tell us about your blog.

My blog is called Sawyerrs’ House Money Lifestyle. It provides financial education and literacy to young adults and adults through everyday simple tips and tricks which I have tried and tested. It also helps educate parents so that they in turn can educate their kids about money.

Why do you write about money?

I write about money for 4 main reasons. First, I grew up with very limited financial education. Second, I am a decision in my early 20s to rub shoulders with people who I could learn good financial behaviour from. Third, my 10-year marriage fell apart due to financial problems which resulted in domestic violence. Fourth, I came across so many families who experienced financial difficulties and lacked good financial behaviour when I worked in the public sector as a housing staff for 20 years.

How did you start blogging?

I started blogging by having a conversation with my 2 daughters who were 9 and 12 years old at the time. They thought it was a good idea, so I created a WordPress free blogging platform.

What’s your most popular post and why?

My most popular post is called Don’t Say “I Do” Until You Ask These Money Questions. Of course, it’s popular because it has the most views. I also think it’s popular because so many adults are getting into relationships but shying away from discussing finance – amongst many other important topics.

What’s your favourite post you’ve written, and why?

It has to be 52-week Saving Challenge. It was a blogpost that I had written for another site which took about one year to be released. It also had contributions from other money bloggers. It’s my favourite because not only was I a contributor to the final work, I also learnt some handy tips and tricks from my fellow money bloggers.

What’s your top blogging tip?

Personally, I’d say, write when you have something tangible to share instead of writing for the sake of it. Step out of the blogging box Do’s and Don’ts. I wrote a blog that contained only 6 words which is more powerful that writing long paragraphs.

Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?

Ha, great question. I live in the UK and I’m a money blogger. On a more serious note, being part of a community is so important when blogging about a topic like money. We all know talking about money can be a sensitive – and even taboo topic to talk about. Being a part of UK Money Bloggers helps me continue doing what I love and do best.

Who are your three favourite UK Money Bloggers?

Honestly, there are way too many to choose from. I’m truly a big fan of any blogger that discusses money as there are always so many interesting and inspiring pieces written by them.


And now…some quickfire questions.

What’s your number one money tip?

Spend BETTER! Save BIGGER!! Invest BRAVELY!!!

What is the best bargain you have ever bought?

My very first car for £500.


What is a product / service you are happy to pay the extra for?

– A pedicure.

Tell us something about yourself.

I love redesigning the frames for my prescription glasses to jazz things up.


And finally…where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on this link and here and here

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