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All about… Adventure Is Out There

Sian Thomas knows a lot about money and blogging – specifically about making money through blogging. Her blog deals with the ins and outs of creating a living from a blog and more. We talked to Sian about her money blogging story.

Tell us about your blog.

Adventure is Out There is a personal finance and blogging blog where I share posts about how people can make money online, specifically from blogging, and I answer FAQ on creating and running your own blog.

Why do you write about money?

I work in digital marketing and outreach by day while writing a personal blog by night and was starting to see a good income from this.

Seeing both sides of the coin, I thought I could provide people with advice on how they could earn money online by blogging too.


How did you start blogging?

I started blogging properly all the way back in 2010 on my personal blog  about personal style and my life. It was a creative outlet for me while I was at uni and I had no idea that one day I’d be able to make a living from it!


What’s your most popular post and why?

My most popular post is How I gained over 7000 followers on Pinterest.

I think it’s popular because Pinterest is many people’s favourite social media platform and they want to know how they can crack it.


What’s your favourite post you’ve written, and why?

My favourite post is my first ever income report.

It was a very nervewracking one to publish as I’ve never shared about my online income publicly before, but I got a great response.


What’s your number one money tip?

Stick to a budget by remembering that every penny counts – it all adds up in the end.


What’s your top blogging tip?

Have fun! If you’re not enjoying blogging, it will come across in your posts and your readers won’t enjoy reading them.


Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?

For the supportive community. I love connecting with other bloggers with a similar mindset to me and I’ve found this group has been particularly helpful!


Who are your three favourite UK Money Bloggers?

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