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Savvy Dad’s founder Olly Cator came to blogging after founding a hugely successful Facebook page which helps thousands to “make money, save money and survive parenthood.” After recognising the need for good moneysaving and parenting advice, he started his blog to deliver even more of that. We were pleased to find out more about Olly’s blog and its origins.


Tell us about your blog.

Savvy Dad is a hybrid parenting, education and family finance blog. It caters for families looking to make the most of the money and time they have.

Some articles look at how to reduce your spending, such as savvy recipes. Others look to make funds you have work further through savvy side hustles like ebay selling getting money from grocery receipts.


Why do you write about money?

Money can be one of the biggest strains on a family.

Making the most of the budget you have and planning to avoid debt is really the biggest thing I believe a family can do to help pave the way for a more relaxed and stress-free future. This is especially important when you throw in unexpected financial events like failed MOTs, insurance claims or the big financial stress – moving home.


How did you start blogging?

Most bloggers build a site, then grow social follows. I did the opposite (just to make life difficult): I ran a Facebook page sharing money saving tips and deals first.

I set up that page to help show others how I was cutting costs and raising funds as a family to pay for the expensive trips I needed to take to London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for my son who needed treatment. Thankfully he was discharged from their arrhythmia clinic after a year, needed no further observations or tests, but in that time over 10,000 readers had followed my Facebook page.

This got me thinking that any advice, big or small, on how to save money or make parenting easier is always popular. Hence in late 2016, the blog at was born!


What’s your most popular post and why?

The one post on my blog that gets regular traffic month in, month out, is “How to play the Supermarket Game using the Asda Price Guarantee”. It’s popular because it goes into great detail in showing readers how the supermarkets set up their price comparison schemes, and  why things don’t always seem to compare correctly.

Most importantly, it shows readers how to really get the most out of the discounts available to truly play the supermarkets at their own game.


What’s your favourite post you’ve written, and why?

Ironically it’s a post about investing time, rather than money.

My “Savvy ways to teach your child to read” article was great to write because it combined my passion for education with highlighting how important it is to invest in yourself and your family – not just your finances. Looking after your health and development is key in facing those life challenges.


What’s your number one money tip?

Have fun with your budget. Saving all the time can sap some of the fun out of life so don’t always deprive yourself of that overpriced latte while out.

Be savvy with the big finances first like mortgages, energy and insurance and then establish a good budget plan for each month so you know how much money you have. Check your bank account weekly and after putting aside a budgeted saving each month allocate a certain amount (I use a percentage) to investing in yourself or life.

This could be investing in a online education course, putting money into shares, or even buying a lottery ticket. Just remember do this according to your budget.

I read a fab book called “Eat That Frog” which stated that most people live on “Someday Isle” – some day I’ll do this, or some day I’ll get round to that… I use a certain amount from any surplus income each month for self betterment. For example, this month I put money into car boot pitches to shift unwanted items during a home move – a focussed and responsible speculate to accumulate mentality is what I’m aiming for.


What’s your top blogging tip?

Be friendly and honest.

I’ve not needed to invest in paying for advertising for the blog or social media pages. It’s happened organically. And I’m convinced that’s because I’m always friendly and upfront.

Network your butt off and build contacts wherever you can. Some of my most unlikely collaborations have come from just returning an email with the line “please pass my details onto any other clients you think might be interested in collaborating on great content”.


Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?

Because, on the subject of networking and being friendly, they’re second to none.

I’ve made so many great contacts that they feel like friends – even though I’ve not actually met that many of those lovelies in person yet! There’s always somebody around to give tips or advice on WordPress, content, SEO or any aspect of blogging.

Above all, considering we’re all effectively in a competing field, the levels of humility and professionalism amongst the UK Money Bloggers puts many established media teams to shame.


Who are your three favourite UK Money Bloggers?

Emma Mumford from has to be my first shout out.

Emma’s follower numbers easily rocketed past mine years ago and she’s gone from strength to strength with her fab advice and tips. I adore her positive, can do attitude and outlook on life along with her examples of how to really vlog well.

She is the true epitome of the term “influencer” which is so easily flung around these days, but yet again remains humble and down to earth.

Amongst all the running around with my blog I like to take time to relax, and there’s no better place for me than in the garden. That’s why I simply adore Faith Archer from Much More With Less and in particular her daily Instagram photos for a #floweraday – which really helps me to slow down and appreciate life.

I often get a boost to productivity after a bit of fresh air in the garden and time to clear my thoughts.

Andy from Be Clever with Your Cash – I love a good podcast and Andy has really put effort into his Cash Chats series. Youtube and Podcasts have passed me by so far, but not Andy’s hidden gems.


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