UK Money Blogger Profile: The Subtle Investor

Tell us about your blog.

My blog, The Subtle Investor, is all about investing, personal finance & understanding intricacies of the financial market.

Why do you write about money?

I write mainly to encourage everyone to understand the importance of investing early. Secondly, it is a way for me to meaningfully gather my knowledge as I continue to learn through my day job at an Asset Management company.

How did you start blogging?

During the first lockdown, as the stock market had crashed over 20%, I was talking to my parents and a few family members about what was going on. Everyone was enjoying the conversation and admitted that they had very little knowledge about it. Most of them were also not investing their money. By the end of it, it opened my eyes to a much bigger picture around investing gap by gender & ethnicity. Working in the investing industry myself (there are not many like me there!), I wanted to use my privilege to spread this very crucial message around financial literacy.

What’s your most popular post and why?

I would say the post about understanding the importance of pension from an early age.

I guess it was popular because it was targeted at younger people and called them to action to think about pension.

On YouTube, it was my first video and introduction to the stock market. Possibly because people found it easy to follow.

What’s your favourite post you’ve written, and why? 

It has to be the post I wrote about financial independence for females. This is because I genuinely feel very strongly about it. It holds deeper meaning for me.

What’s your top blogging tip?

Write about something you are passionate about and keep it simple.

Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?

It feels good to be a part of a community, especially for those of us in the UK. Not only have I been learning a lot from all the other members, but it is also my way of giving back through the community (whenever I can).

Who are your three favourite UK Money Bloggers? 

MamaFurFur –

Be Clever with your cash –

Panda Boss –

And now…some quickfire questions

What’s your number one money tip?

I’d give a quote that I heard at a podcast recently, which I absolutely love and couldn’t have said it better. “Save like a pessimist, invest like an optimist”

What is the best bargain you have ever bought?

I’d say putting an offer on my flat (when it was still being built) – I managed to talk to the project manager and agree on a quoted price. Other flats that were sold following the full completion of the building were going for £60k+ plus (so I think I managed to bag a great bargain by being proactive & determined)

What is a product / service you are happy to pay the extra for? 

Anything that helps me to be efficient, like an app for managing time/tasks.

Tell us something about yourself unrelated to your blog.

I was trained in classical Indian dance called “Kathak”, used to perform before (live & also TV). Secondly, I was rather lucky to stay away from student debt by winning a private scholarship from a big Insurance company. And now, I am trying to give back to my community by volunteering and mentoring with charities that work with school kids to help them reach their full potential.

And finally…where can we find you on social media? 




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