#MondayMoneyUK – Zero Waste Week Twitter chat

Zero Waste Week twitter chat

Every Monday the members of the UK Money Bloggers community get together online for a Twitter chat to share their money tips and experiences. Our host this week was Zoe from Eco Thrifty Living, and here’s her round-up of the top tweets.

Last night was #MondayMoneyUK and it was my first time hosting! It was great to be a part of it especially as it had a Zero Waste Week theme, which was right up my street. Thanks to everyone who joined in and for the lots of good tips and advice and thanks for having me!

Here are my favourite tweets:


Q1: Do you think BOGOFF and other special offers mean you save money or end up with more than you can use?


Andy Webb CleverCash ‏@AndyCleverCash 

A1 @Ecothrifty Wastewith fresh foods – though I have sometimes got carried away with jars and then not touched them for ages #MondayMoneyUK



Q2: Food is a big source of waste. What tips do you have for reducing food waste when you have people over?


Chammy In Real Life ‏@ChammyIRL 

@Ecothrifty @UKMoneybloggers plan meals that are great left overs or can be frozen. Do a smaller meal with picky bits afterwards like cheese



Q3: So much packaging from the stuff we buy ends up in the bin. What do you do to avoid this without spending more?


MuchMoreWithLess @MuchMore_LessA3 Buy in big sacks (pasta, rice, potatoes, onions). Pick loose fruit & veg, not boxed #MondayMoneyUK #ZeroWasteWeek




Q4: What reusables do you use instead of disposables and do they save you money?


Frugal Options ‏@FrugalOptions 

#MondayMoneyUK @Ecothrifty we used reusable nappies for our little ones. Def worked out cheaper. Wash on 40 only, line dry, bleached by sun


scrimpulse ‏@scrimpulseblog 

@Ecothrifty A4 I no longer buy supermarket plastic bags. Instead bought material trolley bag worth every penny #MondayMoneyUK



Q5: What do you think about buying things second hand – a great inexpensive eco way to shop or an absolute no no?


Frugal Options ‏@FrugalOptions 

@Ecothrifty @UKMoneybloggers #MondayMoneyUK second hand is great! So many bargains to be had. Buying new is nuts actually!

scrimpulse ‏@scrimpulseblog 

@Ecothrifty Yes!! love charity shops and boot sales. Second hand doesn’t always mean rag & rubbish Most are brand new anyway #MondayMoneyUK

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