19 essential money blogger posts from August 2016

Best of August 2016 money bloggers

Every month we round-up the top articles from our money blogging network, as chosen by the bloggers themselves. Here are the ones to read from August 2016.

Katy Stevens: “I’ve chosen this post because overspending is often what causes a big hole in family finances. Here are my top tips to avoid overspending.”

How to avoid overspending

Kelly Eroglu: “I have chosen this post as it shows that you can save a fortune by making your own Thai food at home rather than pay a fortune for a takeaway or eating out.”

Thai pork mince with a tomato and coriander salad less than 60p per person.

Emma Drew: “I’ve chosen this post because visiting Disney World is really expensive, so it is good to know that there are loads of money saving hacks along the way.”

Money saving hacks for Disney World

Sara Williams: “Amex became the latest credit card to slash cash back benefits this month. But there are great 0% balance transfers on offer – this article look at what you need to look out for when choosing one.”

0% credit card deals in September 2017

Jenni Hill: “I’ve chosen this post because when I first started saving money two years ago, I planned to save a deposit to buy a home of my own. But in recent months my plans have changed. In this post I share 5 reasons I’ve decided to postpone home ownership and make the most of renting for now.”

5 Reasons I’m No Longer In A Hurry To Buy My Own Home

Andy Webb: “I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to switching bank accounts, so this post can hopefully show people it’s well worth looking into.”

How I’ve made more than £2,300 from bank switching

Francesca Mason: “I’ve chosen this post because I would love for it to help some people control their impulse spending – which can be a killer for a carefully planned out budget!”

2 Things To Always Think Before Buying

Martyna Sroka-Lalewicz: “I did choose this post because coming to London on a budget may be tricky for big families.”

Money Saving Ideas for Visiting London for Less

Faith Archer: “I’ve chosen this post because packed lunches can mean serious savings compared to eating out, so here are my top tips for fast and frugal food.”

Ricky Willis: “I’ve chosen this post because the line between frugal living and being a downright cheapskate is a fine one.”

Frugal Living: Where Would You Draw the Line?

Maria Nedeva: “I’ve selected this post because it shifts the perspective on spending from ‘buying things’ to ‘paying for experience’: an important one that brings more joy from spending in our lives.”

David Taylor: “I chose this after losing a lot of weight and realising just how many new clothes I was going to need!”

Save Money At A Sip And Swap

Lee Balders: “I’ve struggled with practicing what I preach this month – even after writing this, I’m still finding it hard to gather enthusiasm for selling off unneeded items for extra cash.”

Lesley Negus: “I chose this post because sometimes being frugal creates a mindset of going without and I wanted to say, this is what I do with discretionary spending. It generated some nice comments.”

Treat time

Lynn James: “I chose this post as its one of my favourites. An update to an older post where I share my experience of going to uni. What financial advice I would give to my 18 year old self. Including lots of money making and saving tips.”

Student Money Advice – What would I say to my 18-year-old self?

Cass Bailey: “I chose this because with Christmas just around the corner I’m sure there’ll be lots of people trying to find ways to make some extra money.”

30 Ways to Make Money….

Nicola Richardson: “I’ve chose this post as a lot of people I know at the moment are struggling, me included, and I hope this has helped some get back on track!”

What To Do When Your Motivation Disappears

Mike Rawson: “I’ve chosen this post because I feel that long-term thinking is one of the most important and most difficult financial disciplines.”

6♥ – Keep it Smooth

Michelle Rice: “I chose this post because with GBBO starting people spend ridiculous amounts on baking ingredients and equipment that isn’t necessary.”

Lisa Kaveney: “My top tips for anyone starting university this year.”

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