Your 2017 money goals | #MondayMoneyUK

2017 Money goals

It’s Twitter chat time again! With the new year we’re looking at the financial resolutions and money goals for 2017.


You can read a summary of the chat below, or search for the hashtag #MondayMoneyUK on Twitter for the full event.

Our host was Andy Webb from Be Clever With Your Cash, and you can listen again to him discussing the chat on Share Radio below.


1.Β What are your personal money goals for 2017? #MondayMoneyUK

2.Β Lots of people will have their own money resolutions – how can people stick to them? #MondayMoneyUK

3.Β What do you think will be the big issues in the world of personal finance in 2017? #MondayMoneyUK


4.Β What are some ways people can kickstart their finances in 2017? #MondayMoneyUK

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