Beat debt | #MondayMoneyUK

Beat debt #MondayMoneyUK twitter chat

One of our first Twitter chats in January had to be around the topic of dealing with debt!

You can read a summary of the chat below, or search for the hashtag #MondayMoneyUK on Twitter for the full event.

Our host was Sara Williams from Debt Camel and she was on Share Radio on Tuesday 10th January at 10am talking about the best of the bloggers tweets on the topic.

Q1 January is a difficult time for millions – have you had a post Xmas debt problem?


Q2 Have you got some tips for people with a big credit card bill who can only pay the minimum?

Q3 What should someone do if they can’t pay some of their debts or bills?

Q4 How can people deal with the stress of problem debt?

Q5 Do you think it is become normal to always be in debt?

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