26 money bloggers pick their fave posts from September 2016

Best money blog posts of september 2016

Every month I ask the money bloggers in our community to share one post they wrote in the last four weeks to so.

For September, we’ve 26 articles that represent the best from their blogs – and there’s something for everyone in there. So dive in and hopefully you’ll find a new favourite blogger!


Francesca Mason: “I’ve chosen this post because sometimes it can be difficult to know how to support a friend who is in debt, especially if you personally have never been in a bad financial situation.”

What Can You Do To Help A Friend Who Is In Debt?

Sara Williams: “There are now 11 ways to check your credit score or records, costing different amounts and showing different things – this article looks at them all so you can decide which one you should use.”

What is the best way to check your credit score?

Eileen Adamson: This is a post to help teachers make the most of the financial perks that are available to them.”

7 perks all teachers should know about

Martyna Sroka-Lalewicz: “I’ve chosen this post as I did organise mega cheap trip to Mallorca so wanted my audience to know how I did it.”

How to organise mega cheap trip to Palma de Mallorca?

Emma Drew:I have chosen this post because budgeting when you are self employed or have an irregular income can be really difficult.”

How to budget when you have an irregular income

Andy Webb: “I headed down to the Bank of England when the new fiver was released so I could share my first impressions and test the claims it was waterproof and indestructible.”

Video: Putting the new fiver through its paces

Mike Rawson: I’ve chosen this one because I talk to a lot of young people who don’t think that it’s worthwhile saving into a pension scheme, when in fact it’s one of the most important (if dull) things to do in life.”

6♣ – Take up your Workplace Pension Offer

David Jack Taylor:I wrote this post after being left horrified by the sheer volume of quick credit adverts on daytime TV.”

Learn From The Friends Characters, Not The Dodgy Adverts In Between

Siobhan Parker: I’ve chosen this post as I’m fed up of the carousel of consumerism that surrounds Christmas, so I’m encouraging my followers to join me in an anti-consumerist Christmas!”

It’s 95 days until Christmas…

Lynn James: This post is all about my journey to getting organised and in control of my business. From goal setting to the daily to do list.”

My productivity nightmare – why can’t I be more organised

Kelly Eroglu: I picked this post as it has several of my best kitchen hacks, that are not only easy to follow but can save you a couple of quid over time.”

Super easy kitchen hacks !!!

Charlotte Burns: I’ve chosen this because you are panicking about the cost of heating now the cold weather draws in, this may bring you a little relief.”

Find out if you able to get £140 off your electricity bill

Jenni Hill: “I recently spotted an article which suggested students get a joint bank account with their housemates to make the bill paying process easier. Considering the risks associated with joint bank accounts, I thought this was really bad advice and wrote this post to explain why opening a joint account with your housemates is a stupid idea:

Why Getting A Joint Bank Account With Your Housemates Is A Stupid Idea

Faith Archer: I’ve chosen this post for everyone looking to cut their food bills, as a round up of some fantastic frugal food bloggers.”

5 fab frugal food blogs to follow

Maria Nedeva: “Here is the one I like most from September.”

7 powerful money rules you usually ignore

Mark Underdown: “I was inspired by a newly retired persons money worries when they are wealthy, and noticing while skiing how fearless children are compared to us adults, amongst other observations and views.”

Money worries? How to Stop Worrying About Money

Cass Bailey: “I wanted to share this post because I’m forever saying you should look into changing your energy suppliers but I think people can be put off because they think it’s more hassle than it’s worth. Here’s my recent experience.”

How easy is it to change energy suppliers?

Becky Goddard-Hill: I’m sharing five simple and thrifty things I have done this week.”

5 frugal and thrifty things I did this week

Esther Mukoro: Money is the root of many relationship problems, even if you have plenty of it. An imbalance in money, and therefore in power, in a relationship can be the root of many problems. So it is something that needs to be addressed head on to resolve financial problems in your relationship.”

Love and Money: How to Balance Finances in a Relationship

Lesley Negus: This one – because the dreaded chore of school packed lunches is upon us again. The suggestions for bigger children also provides enough calories for adults too.”

The dreaded chore of school packed lunches – can you feed a hulking teenager for 30p a head?

Anita Wright:

Best supermarket for online grocery shopping – a comparison

Laura Carrington: I have chosen this post because convenience stores usually get a bad rap when it comes to prices. I perceive them as an extra addition to the couponing and cashback arsenal that when used in a savvy way can save money.”

What’s convenient to you?

Lee Balders: This post sums up my complicated feelings about shopping and consumerism: buying lovely new things, and then having to watch them quickly become not-so-lovely and not-so-new.”

This rug has ruined my life

Nicola Richardson: I’ve chosen this post as I want to change the direction of The Frugal Cottage, and I hope people are going to stick around with me.”

Things Are Changing….Slightly

Ricky Willis: Being in private rental is a tough cycle as rent is high so you can’t save for a deposit. When it comes down to it, all we really want is somewhere to live.”

All We Want is a Place to Call Our Own


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