how to help students manage their money by Araminta Robertson

How to help students manage their money

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Araminta Robertson is the creator of Financially Mint, a personal finance blog for university students written by an actual student. She interviews experts, does weird experiments and a ton of research to help her and others graduate financially intelligent. Whether you’re a parent or someone who simply wants to help students out, there are several […]

Loose Change - a diatribe about how complcated it is to find your way through the maze of different types of ISAs

A diatribe about ISAs

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This Loose Change article is by Faith Archer, an award-winning personal finance journalist who is also a money blogger at Much More With Less about moving to the country, living on less and making the most of it. Why oh why did the government have to take a good thing, and make it complicated? I’m talking […]

Banning charging for card payments – bad for small businesses

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This Loose Change article is by David Taylor who blogs about his money-saving journey at Thinking Thrifty – everything from snapping up reduced food in his local supermarket to renovating a café for under £500. I’m a big old hater of charges, can’t stand the horrible things, whether that be the ridiculous bank charge for sending you […]