Best of the Blogs – August 2017

It’s time for more amazing posts from your favourite UK Money Bloggers!

I don’t know what it is about September that inspires people to want to start afresh but there’s definitely something!  If you’re one of those people then this round up of amazing blog posts from your favourite UK money bloggers will definitely help you!

Let’s get started….

David chose this post as this time he won’t let gaining pounds on the waist, deter him from gaining pounds in his pocket! Quitting smoking has saved around £300 per month, proving it is without doubt the biggest waste of money EVER!

Katy shares 8 ways to save money on fruit & vegetables as this is such a crucial area to still make good choices but save money too!

Emma shares how to make a real flower crown that uses seasonal flowers and is ideal for flower girls and when your little one wants to be a princess.

Emma shares every discount you need to sign up for before you head to Orlando. Whether it is free food or money off outlet shopping, there are plenty of savings to be made.

Lee has made a short video to explain the simple technique that helped her to make hundreds of pounds a year in passive income through using her credit cards.

Eileen is sharing 6 tips on how to reduce financial stress, because so many people feel the pain of being under pressure financially.

Laura shares 5 budget ingredient meals that cost a total of £5 for a family of four.

Martyna is sharing a post about getting a FREE Tastecard or rather its equivalent, check it out here.

Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash compared the services at each of the online supermarkets to help you choose the best one for you.

Lynn writes about faith, hope and charity with some kindness and gratitude added in.

Emma has written about why you shouldn’t over-share your holiday photos on social media while you are on holiday, or you risk invalidating your home insurance.

Kelly has shared another posh meal with a super frugal price tag. Anyone can eat fab food and you don’t need a fab budget to match !

Sara has looked for ways you can reduce what you spend online – if this is your weakness, would any of these work for you?

Tightwad Mama is sharing her post on how to enjoy a family day in London on a budget. A visit to the city doesn’t need to be expensive!

Maria shares 10 important investment lessons that she learned from Tony Robbins.

Fiona is sharing her recipe for homemade Gyoza because she loves being able to make pricey restaurant dishes for pennies at home.

Sarah is sharing this post about protecting yourself against card skimming so that you know how to easily prevent your card details from being stolen.

Nick from Pounds & Sense is sharing his post that sets out some unusual ways to make money from your garden.

Helen, The Complaining Cow looks at the 2 yr deadline for PPI claims, what to do if you don’t know if you had any and warns against claims management companies.

Pete has taken a look at the 30 hour free childcare scheme offered by the government. And free doesn’t always mean free. 

Kerry has created a free course to help you take control of your finances and start tackling your debt.

Hollie from ThriftyMum is sharing her post on why she’s taking part in a no spend September challenge.

Lesley is sharing this post because although most of us get most of our groceries at supermarkets, they are extremely skilled at persuading us to spend more than we want to, intended to, or maybe, can afford to.

Nicola is sharing how to prepare for a no spend month to maximise your savings and reign in your spending habits.

Michelle from Time and Pence is sharing this post because, although it’s not a conventional way to make money, it may just suit somebody and get them out of a difficult financial situation.

Faith from Much More With Less is a sharing a post about running, as a more frugal form of fitness than signing up for an expensive gym membership, with tips on running your first ever 10K race.

Andrew from Money Tree Man is sharing a post on Debt and how it keeps the modern day ‘free’ person poor.

Jane from Lady Janey is sharing this post because she was really impressed with the customer service during a recent budget hotel stay. This led her to wonder if booking a budget hotel ever really means compromising on good customer service?

Jane from Shoestring Cottage shares her thoughts on frugal fashion, and why you don’t have to spend a fortune to look stylish.

Becky share s 100 family things to do in Autumn on a budget which is now printed out and attached to the side of my fridge!

And s for me, I’m going to share my DIY painted vase tutorial so you can learn how to turn a cheap vase into  work of art!


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