Best of the Blogs – February 2017

Are you ready for another amazing selection of blog posts from your favourite UK Money Bloggers?

I hope so because we’ve got a bumper selection for you to have a read through this month.  I know I probably said this at the start of last month’s post but if I were you I’d go and put the kettle on, grab a jammy dodger and have a good read through this little lot….

(I just checked, last month’s biscuit of choice was a chocolate digestive!)

Andy has chosen his article and vlog “My week of being clever with my cash“. It’s the best way to get an idea of how he spends and saves – and how you can do the same.

Charlotte has chosen her “Where to buy discounted plus size clothes“. She wanted to find all the best plus size stores, and all the potential discounts and tricks in one place, as finding cheap plus sized clothes is a nightmare.

The Frugal Teen is sharing her post about the “ultimate side hustle” because she thought that it’d be worth sharing the experience of the experiment knowing it’s such a recommended side hustle but only a small number actually try it. After reading it would you be tempted to try this?

Zoe is sharing her post which invites you to join a new and exciting Facebook group with the aim of reducing food waste!

David wanted to share this post as a lot of the things on this list make us unhappy, worse of all, most of the time we don’t even realise we are doing them.  (I’ve just read this post and aside from the fact I nodded my head all the way through, number 1 is definitely something I need to work on ~ Cass)

Katy is sharing her post as car insurance is a necessary expense if you want to drive but you CAN save yourself money!

Sara is sharing her article on Credit Improver because it “guarantees” to improve your credit score – but is it worth the money?

Kelly has shared a tasty family sized cheese and Balsamic onion plait that cost less than £2! (And oh my goodness, it looks AMAZING ~ Cass)

Lesley is sharing her post about Jason Fung’s book The Obesity Code as it is looking to be life changing for her. This may well be the diet that she has been looking for during 40 years of unsuccessful dieting. Early days yet, but it’s looking good!

Richard Ford is sharing his attempt to write a finance blog as a human drama.

Pete has been looking how you can make up to £500 a year from Nationwide’s generous recommend a friend scheme.

Francesca has chosen this article regarding how frugal living can help you to clarify your goals. Even if you don’t want to be frugal your whole life, living frugally for just a short period can help you to see what is truly important to you.

Eileen is sharing her post about saving money on mobile phones, because she is sad that so many people are paying way over the odds for their phones.

Michelle is sharing this ‘10 a day‘ Meal Plan as she was curious to see whether eating the recommended 10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day was possible and cost effective for those on a budget.

Tightwad Mama is sharing her post about teaching your baby sign language because it has helped decrease her toddler’s frustration and improve family life without spending much money! Finding a frugal way to do it at home has meant she saved a ton of money on baby signing classes.

Lee has chosen “The One Thing You Need To Do To Start Saving Money Now“, because she believes many people struggle with their finances and think their problems could only be solved if they earned more, but this isn’t always the case.

Lynn has Chosen ‘How I quit my job and changed my career to something I love‘. I’ve written about being trapped in a career, but had the opportunity to escape and am so happy with how the new career is going.

Boost My Budget is sharing the post “Are Side Hustles More Important for Women?“, because she’s passionate about the power of the side hustle – and experts agree that a side gig can have even more benefits for women.

Michelle is sharing her post “How to Earn a Regular Income on Ebay” because she earns a regular income and believes anybody can do this if they put their mind to it and do a bit of research.

Erith is sharing the post “From Frugal February to Miserly March” because having made some savings in February following her own suggestions, she decided it was a good idea to add some new ideas for March, and carry on her good work.

Faith shared a post for the 1.4 million UK households who rely on oil heating, about how to cut the price you pay for oil. Particularly relevant given oil prices have halved and then doubled again in less than 3 years. Ouch.

And last but not least, one from me about random acts of kindness that won’t cost you a penny but could make someone’s day.

Have fun reading and we’ll be back again next month.




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