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Chatty Chermaine, better known as Chammy, describes herself as a jack-of-all-trades blogger. She covers a wide range of subjects, from money saving/money making to health and beauty, lifestyle and parenting. We found out more about her blog and her favourite “real-life ramblings”.


Tell us about your blog.


Chammy In Real Life is basically somewhere for me to share information. I don’t solely write about money and I am by no means an expert in the subject but after almost 3 years of working from home I like to be able to tell others about it. I talk about anything and everything which makes me more of a lifestyle blogger who includes money related content.

Why do you write about money?



Money is a big part of everyone’s life, we all use it and some of us need a hand to earn or save a little more than others. I’m lucky in the fact I’m surrounded by a good online circle of people who are money savvy but not everybody is, so I like to try and help them.


How did you start blogging?


My first ever blog post was about 7 years ago. I started a baby-led weaning blog on Blogger which I managed to get to a whole two posts. Since then I’ve dabbled in different niches, weight-loss, money making/saving, alternative genre (think of the people who dye their hair black, where dark eyeliner and listen to screaming music), but I’ve always found it so restrictive as I’m more of a jack of all trades, master of none. ChammyIRL is the first time I’ve held down a blog for longer than 6 months and I’m proud of myself for that (2 year anniversary coming up).


What’s your most popular post and why?


I have two very popular posts. My most popular money themed one is the TopCashback Sweet Treat giveaway posts – I list all the answers each day to help those who are struggling, don’t have the time or just can’t be bothered. THE most popular post is my Juice Plus Booster review for which I rank higher than the company does on Google (for the term “Juice Plus Booster”). I think it’s because I’m honest and J+ Boosters are a fad thing that people want to know the truth about (it also answers some questions that the reps fail to mention).


What’s your favourite post you’ve written, and why?


I think it has to be “Don’t Say No To Free Money: Cashback Sites“. It is basically a rant at people who just don’t go for the free cash that’s out there for them. It was ignited when looking at my refer-a-friend numbers on TopCashback and seeing that out of the 56 people who joined under me that only 1 of those has earned at least £10 in cashback (and that was my husband).


What’s your number one money tip?


Cashback! It’s a simple thing to do and everyone can do it. If you’re buying something online, even if it’s just a takeaway, check for cashback. It’s FREE MONEY for something you plan to buy anyway and it’s better in your pocket than the company’s. Insurances, utilities, broadband, holidays, large items such as furniture – take 10 minutes to see if you can get something back for buying it.


What’s your top blogging tip?


Write about something you’re passionate about. If you’re passionate about many things then don’t try and squeeze yourself in to one niche; you’ll only find it harder to maintain. Some people love to talk all about money, they have oodles of knowledge and have often worked in the industry so their money blogs work well. For me, I’m no financial expert and I tried the niche only to discover I’m happier talking about anything and everything.


Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?


I was introduced by the awesome Katy Stevens who basically wanted someone to go with her to the SHOMO awards in September (2016). I’ve since come to realise what an amazingly helpful group of bloggers it is. I’m in many blogging groups on Facebook but they’re all big and a little impersonal so I’ll ask UKMB for advice first. These guys are the ones you want to watch if you need help with anything to do with money and the advice they give is priceless.


Who are your three favourite UK Money Bloggers?


Katykicker – Katy is my blogging guru. If I need to know something then she’s my first point of call, she motivates me and gives me the kick up the butt I sometimes need.
Thinking Thrifty – I really enjoy reading David’s posts, and he makes me chuckle lots.
The Money Shed – It’s because of Jon all this started. If he hadn’t have introduced me to his forum then I’d probably not being doing this at all.

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