Best of the Blogs – March 2017

As always at the start of the month we’re sharing a round-up of the best blog posts from your favourite UK Money Bloggers.

How on earth can it be April already?  I feel like March, like the rest of the year so far, just flew by without me having the chance to tackle half of the things on my to-do list!

On the plus side, the fact that it’s the start of a new month means that it’s time for our monthly round up of the posts that your favourite UK Money Bloggers have picked as their best posts of the month.  So, as always, make yourself a cuppa, grab a bourbon biscuit and have a good old read through this little lot….

Sara is sharing her post about credit ratings because people often ask for actual numbers, not just “it’s good / not good for your credit score if…”

Katy is sharing her post about comparison syndrome. We all suffer from it from time to time and Katy wants to tell you why it is a complete waste of time. You’re good enough and you know it (deep down).

Francesca is sharing her post about becoming debt free, with her journey and next steps to take in regards to financial goals.

David is sharing his post about Mother’s Day as without his mum’s sacrifice and patience with a young David he wouldn’t be who he is today!

Andy has picked his trick to get around Waitrose’s ending of free coffee because, well, he loves a money challenge (though he doesn’t expect you to actually spend just 1p for a free hot drink!)

Chammy is sharing her post about dropping MLM companies and becoming herself again. She didn’t realise just how much this had changed her and how much happier she is without them.

Pete is sharing his post about selling your old mobile phone and how you can get the best money for it.

Lesley is sharing her latest salad recipe. We are all being encouraged to have more and more vegetables, the recommendation has gone up to 10 a day now, whilst most people in the U.K. still struggle with having the original 5 a day. This one salad alone contains 3.5 portions, so a good contributor to your daily veg intake

Lee’s favourite post this month was “Everything I Learned From My Mother (About Money)“. We all learn from our parents, whether from their direct lessons or by their examples, and Lee’s mother has inspired her to share her lessons

Trish is sharing her Awesome April Money saving ideas post with us because she feels that April is an optimistic month with Summer ahead of us and some great things to look forward to.

Michelle is sharing her post about how to find flexible work from home telephone jobs because she believes these are great opportunities for anybody wanting or needing to work from home.

Boost My Budget is sharing this list of 35 things to do on a no spend weekend, because you don’t have to spend money to have fun!

Faith has picked this post because after researching car financing she thinks the most popular form, PCP, is madness from a frugal perspective.

And last but not least, one from me about how I shaved £85 off my monthly budget in just a couple of hours.

Have fun reading and we’ll be back again next month.

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