Best of the Blogs – May 2017

Oh dear, I’m almost a week late sharing last month’s amazing posts from your favourite UK Money Bloggers!

I had a good excuse though as I was on holiday last week on a bargain break to Milan where we enjoyed glorious sunshine and I had plenty of time to catch up on reading some of my favourite blogs.  I love the diverse variety of the posts that have been shared this month by some of our lovely UK money bloggers and had a lovely hour or so sat in the courtyard reading through them all.

And now, I’m sharing them with you all so you can have a read through them too although I can’t guarantee the weather I had when I was reading them last week!

Here we go….

Martyna is sharing this post because the summer holiday area coming, so getting in shape for less is a timely subject.

Faith is sharing a post about how not to start a diet, from #crushingit to #ohcrap, because sometimes life intervenes despite our best intentions.

Kerry is sharing this post as she is embarking on a weight loss journey, no fad diets or expensive diet meals, just normal food but less of it.

Laura is sharing a post about healthy food being more expensive and how it’s hard to get your 5 a day on a budget.

Katy is sharing her fresh pasta recipe. Even using high welfare ingredients you can make this for under £1! A real bargain – and tasty too.

Lee has picked her top ten list of songs about money!

Elle is sharing her post about the wonderful ways you can use Epsom Salts after discovering how wonderful it was for aches and pains! Ah bliss!

Jon has found an AMAZING loophole that guarantees you will always get the cheapest price for your hotel booking!

Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash has picked a post explaining why he didn’t tell you he went on holiday.

Francesca is sharing this post because she thought it would be a bit different to look at paying off debt using what got you into it.

Lotty is sharing her brand new Fitbit and activity tracker guide. She’s scoured the internet for the best deals and shares her tips on bagging a bargain.

Anna is sharing this post because it puts into perspective how fortunate we all are to be able to save money and encourages each of us to give something back to the world we live in.

Sara is sharing a review of two apps that really do make it painless to put some money aside into savings – if you never have as much left at the end of the month as you expect, give one of these a go as they are both very clever and very simple to use!

Lesley is sharing a post about how to discover what your best job is – we spend enough time at work, if it can be fabulous how great would that be!

Pete is sharing a post about how you can have your Center Parcs holiday for far less.

Erith is sharing a post on how her tax year end review of her finances went and her prep for filling in her tax return.

Fiona is sharing her post about takeaway leftovers and whether they are safe to eat the next day.

Becky is sharing how she kept half term thrifty and if you have some time, check out the posts linked up at the bottom of the post too.

Threatened by redundancy? Maria at The Money Principle shares 7 ways to transform the threat into the best opportunity of your life.

Eileen is sharing this post with some excellent ideas to help people move towards living a debt-free life.

Michelle s sharing this post because some people have lots of good ideas but don’t know where to start with progressing with their inventions.

Shoestring Jane is sharing this post because time really is precious and it would be nice to have a little more.

And last but not least, here’s one from me about the free money you could be getting back everytime you shop at Asda.

Have fun reading!

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