Best of the Blogs – October 2017

It’s time for more amazing posts from your favourite UK Money Bloggers!


October has been a great month for the UK money bloggers and today, we’re sharing a selection of our favourite posts from last month so why not grab a cup of tea and a jaffa cake and spend some time looking through them all!


Cass is sharing her post about how she helps her teenager learn to manage her own money because, with the lack of financial education in schools for children, we need to take ownership of teaching our children the things they need to know.

Alison is sharing this post to help new parents financially prepare for their baby!

Are you getting rid of old credit and debit cards the right way? Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash shows you the best way to cut them up.

Fiona is sharing her post on finding jobs for younger teenagers as often supermarkets and other big companies won’t employ under sixteens.

Pete is sharing this post about how to find the best deals when shopping for white goods.

Katy is sharing 9 ridiculously easy ways to cut down on food waste as we all need to do our bit for the environment and our budgets.

Nikki is sharing this post to highlight the need for earlier investing to build wealth!

Emma from The Money Whisperer is sharing her post on why you should consider writing your life insurance policy in trust if you want to maximize the benefit your loved ones would receive.

Clare from My Money Cottage is sharing this post on how to deal with financial stress.

Emma is sharing her blog post about who REALLY makes money from multi-level marketing.

Martyna is sharing her post about LED lights to illustrate how much saving can be done having replaced old fashioned bulbs for the LED ones.

Eileen is sharing this post because money saving CAN really change your life for the better, forever!

Charli from One Wage Family is sharing 4 easy tips for saving money this Christmas.

Lesley is sharing one of the many recipes posted this month. Stuffed potato cakes uses very ordinary vegetables to make a very tasty dinner, and it costs a positively miserly 18p a portion.

Helen is sharing this because she believes that telecoms is the worst sector for customer service and wants people to know about the latest overcharging story, and wants to give people the information they need to know to complain effectively to their suppliers.

Lee’s written about how to cope with a sad situation that too many of her readers find themselves in: being financially abused by their former partners.

Sara has written this guide on what to do if you get a letter from a solicitor saying they are going to take you to court for a debt – don’t ignore it!

Naomi from Skint Dad shared this easy hack to make even more savings using Asda Price Guarantee.

Nick from Pounds and Sense is sharing this post about an unusual sideline earning opportunity that may suit anyone with some time available during the day.

Food is one of the biggest bills for many families, so Faith from Much More With Less is sharing this post with more than 80 ways to save money on your food shopping.

The jumper over the heating debate has already started at home, so David is sharing his top tips to keep your heating bills down this winter.

Venturing into value stocks investing was for me what dancing cold sober on a bar counter is for an introvert: scary and liberating. Oh, and educational,

Nicola is sharing this because Christmas is fast approaching and finances are an important thing to factor when spending.



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