Cut your energy bills | #MondayMoneyUK

Cut energy bills MondayMoneyUK twitter chat

This week our #MondayMoneyUK Twitter chat was on ways to cut your energy bills.

Our host was David Taylor from Thinking Thrifty and he was joined by bloggers from the UK Money Bloggers community and our readers.

Here’s a round-up of the chat, plus you can listen again to David on our regular Share Radio slot. If you want to see the whole conversation, just search on Twitter for #MondayMoneyUK.


1) First up, have you switched your energy to a cheaper deal? How much roughly are you saving?

2) What do people need to think about when switching energy?

3) What makes people so hesitant to switch supplier?

4) Let’s talk comparison sites. Which ones are good, which are bad?

5) Obviously, there are other ways to cut your bills, How do you use less energy at home?

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