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Financial Education Twitter chat

Since this week is Financial Education week it seemed fitting to make last nights #MondayMoneyUK chat all about financial education.

We wanted to know whether you thought we were doing enough and what sort of things we could all do to help educate this generation about the things they need to know to become as financially savvy as possible.

We started off with a simple question and unsurprisingly the answer we all pretty much agreed on was that there wasn’t enough being done in schools….

Question 1

Question 2

There were some great ideas shared that we, as parents, can do at home to help educate our children about money matters….

Listen to Kalpana Fitzpatrick discuss the Twitter chat on Share Radio:

Question 3

The answer to the third question seemed to be more dependant on the child themselves rather than a set age….

Question 4

I was a bit surprised by the answers to question four as I felt sure everyone would agree with me that it’s better to focus on education than a part time job for older teens. I actually feel differently now having heard about people’s own experiences….

Question 5

The ideas shared in answer to question five could make up a curriculum of important things that ALL children should be taught….

Thanks to everyone who joined in with us last night.

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