Get the best from your loyalty card | #MondayMoneyUK

Get the best from your loyalty card

Your purse or wallet is probably full of loyalty cards, but do you have any idea what to do with the points?

In this week’s #MondayMoneyUK Twitter chat asked members of the UK Money Bloggers community and their readers to share their experiences and uses of loyalty cards.

Our host was Naomi Willis from the Loyalty Cards Points blog, and Naomi was on Share Radio to discuss the chat. You can listen again below.


Q1 – What are your top three high street loyalty cards that you can’t live without? And why? #MondayMoneyUK

Q2 – What do you do with your loyalty points when it comes to spending them? #MondayMoneyUK

Q3 – What is the biggest thing you’ve exchanged through loyalty schemes? #MondayMoneyUK

Q4 – Do loyalty card programmes make you stay loyal to retailers or does it have the opposite effect? #MondayMoneyUK

Q5 – What other ways do you collect points, other than shopping with the store? #MondayMoneyUK

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