Lockdown Money Live – Thursday 28th May 2020

Join UK Money Bloggers on Thursday 28th May for a series of talks about your income, spending and savings during lockdown.

Leading money bloggers Andy Webb from Be Clever With Your Cash and Naomi Willis from Skint Dad are hosting this virtual event, which you’ll be able to watch live here on The UK Money Bloggers Facebook page.

They’ll be joined by other money bloggers to discuss what you should be doing now with the money you have, and what to do if you don’t have enough. Plus you’ll have your chance to ask your own questions.

The event will take place on Thursday 28th May 2020. Sessions begin at 6pm, 7pm, 8.05pm and 9pm and each one will last for 30 to 40 minutes.

The sessions

6pm: Help if you’re struggling financially

Naomi kicks things off with a rundown of the different systems in place to help you if the bills are bigger than the balance in your bank. Joining her will be Eileen Adamson (Your Money Sorted).

7pm: Your job and your pay – what next?

Andy is joined by personal finance journalist and blogger Faith Archer (Much More With Less) to talk about the latest developments around your job. We’ll discuss the furlough scheme, support (or the lack of) for the self-employed, and the risk of redundancy.

8.05pm: How to make your money stretch

Naomi is back (five minutes past the hour following the Clap for Carers), joined by Francesca Henry from The Money Fox. If your income has been reduced then these tips will help you get through the month until next payday.

9pm: Spending less during Lockdown? What to do with any extra cash

If your income hasn’t dropped but your expenses have then this session will guide you through your options with any extra cash you have in your account.

Andy will talk to debt expert Sara Williams (Debt Camel) and investing guru Damien Fahy (Money to the Masses) about when it’s best to use the money and when it’s best to keep it aside.

How to watch

Watch live and on catch up here on The UK Money Bloggers Facebook page.


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