UK Money Blogger Profile: Diaries of a Money Mum

This week we caught up with Vlogger Tanya of Diaries of Money Mum to discover how she got into vlogging, and her best bargain of all time!

Tell us about your blog.
Well I don’t have a blog as such; I found writing things down a real problem as I just couldn’t quite work out the words I wanted to use. But on video I was fine, so my YouTube channel was launched.
Now I make daily vlog-style videos where I just film a day of my life in terms of money making and saving. I hope by showing what I’m doing, I inspire others to do the same.

Why do you vlog about money? 
The simple answer is that it’s a topic I enjoy talking about, I really enjoy doing all the little side hustles I do, so I quite like talking to others about what and why I’m doing them.

What’s your most popular video and why? 
My step by step guide to selling to Ziffit. It was filmed on a couple of different days, so I talked about the process of scanning and sending, through to receiving my parcel and getting paid. I think people just like to see an independent view of how these well known sites actually work.

What’s my favourite video I’ve filmed and why? 
This is a tricky question! One of the things I love about filming is aspects of my daily life will inevitably end up in my vlogs. As well as filming what I’m getting up to money wise I also pop in an odd clip of my daughter, especially on days out or special occasions and it’s amazing to have them as memories to look back at. This video from our free day out thanks to Heritage Open Day is one of my favourites –

What’s your top vlogging tip? 
Just be you, do what you want to do, don’t feel you need to copy those with thousands more subscribers than you. People will follow you because they like to see something different and want you to be honest and real.

Why are you part of the UK money bloggers? 
When I first started this journey I was added to a lot of mummy blogger groups which was great, but I was talking about a lot of different topics to most of them. After seeing a picture of the SHOMO’s on Emma’s Instagram I discovered the UK Money Bloggers and realised this group suited me more. I love the friendliness and how quick to answer the group is when anyone needs help.

Who are your 3 favourite UK money bloggers?

1. MamaFurFur – I love Jennifers video’s they are so informative and you can tell she’s done her research on what she talks about.
2. KatyKicker – I have followed Katy for quite a while now and I love her style of writing –
3. TheMoneyFox – Francesca is another person whose writing I just find so easy to understand and easy to refer back to.

Quick Fire Questions
What’s your number one money tip? 

Never go shopping without a list and stick to it, the money saved by sticking to this rule over the course of the year is crazy.
What is the best bargain you have ever bought? 
I once found a pair of designer shoes in a high street shop. One shoe was a 5 1/2 one was a 6 and I vary between a 5 and a 6 shoe size so I tried them on as a bit of a laugh they were the most comfy shoes ever! I paid 75p for a pair of shoes originally over £100 and they are still mega comfy even now!

What is a product/ service you are happy to pay the extra for?
Sports on the TV so I can still watch as many Norwich City games as possible. I’m a big fan but couldn’t afford a season ticket, so sports on TV it is.
Tell us something about yourself. 
I am a massive fan of musicals. I love going to the theatre to watch them and this year I want to try see at least one a month and side hustle all the money to pay for my tickets, especially now my daughter has inherited the love of them too.

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