UKMB Profile: Miss Penny Money

Tell us about your blog. is a site documenting my personal journey to pay off debt.

Why do you write about money?

I’ve spent several years being pretty frugal (despite my tendency to feel the pull towards the ‘want it now’ psyche). It was a bit of a eureka moment when I decided to begin this journey, and wondered why I hadn’t considered it before. I’ve blogged on and off for a few years now but never quite found my ’niche’. I left my full-time job in 2012 in favour of being a stay-at-home-parent, and wrote and published a mini e-book, ‘7 Simple Ways to Survive on a Budget’. But I never took it any further. In hindsight, back then would have been the perfect time to begin a personal finance blog! Perhaps if I had I wouldn’t still be in debt now.

How did you start blogging?

I began blogging as a creative writer in 2012, but it was mostly focused on book reviews, travel and my novel-writing progress. I attempted to be a parent blogger about 4 years ago, but I didn’t feel comfortable with it. I love my kids, but writing about them and our life together didn’t feel right. I needed something beyond being a mum. When I made the decision to launch the Miss Penny Money blog last year, everything fell into place and it’s opened up lots of brilliant opportunities for me. My confidence has grown and as a result I’m now getting paid to write on a regular basis, whereas before it was quite sporadic.

What’s your most popular post and why?

My most popular post is  How to Get Started with Matched Betting. A lot of people are curious about Matched Betting. It’s one of those things where you don’t understand it until you start it, so it’s a good post to begin with to get people thinking about trying it.

What’s your favourite post you’ve written, and why?

My favourite post is  Why I Started the Miss Penny Money Blog. It’s a story that provides a little more insight into the real person behind the blog, and I think readers like that. It’s also nice for me to have the confidence to reveal a little more about myself. When I began this journey to become debt-free, I was totally incognito. Now I don’t mind the people I’ve met online getting to know who I really am. I do get nervous about people who know me, knowing about my debt. It’s a shame as I think there are so many people in our lives who have their own story about living a life on credit, but people can be very judgemental. And when it’s someone you know, it can make you feel exposed, like you’re baring a most personal side to yourself.

What’s your top blogging tip?

Find your niche. Find something you’re really comfortable about writing, something that you’re passionate about and that you are involved in on a daily basis. You’ll never be short of something to write about, and the more you write, the more chance you have to find and create opportunities to grow.


Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?

I love the solidarity of the group. There is always someone to help or offer advice with any questions you may have. It’s a pretty honest group, too, and there’s no judgement, regardless of your circumstances. It’s very much ‘we’re in this together’.

Who are your three favourite UK Money Bloggers?

This is a tough one… I have so many. I regularly read  Emma Drew and  Ruth Makes Money, and have built relationships with Fran at  From Pennies to Pounds, and Nikki from  The Female Money Doctor. I love how we’ve all got a different spin on money and how to manage it, with some common themes interwoven in there, too. Everyone has a wealth (excuse the pun) of information to offer.

And now…some quickfire questions

What’s your number one money tip?

Budget your money! I’ve spent so many years having what I thought was a good idea of where my money was going. But it was only half the story. There are so many things that get missed from a budget, and we need to make allowances for everything. So it’s worth tracking your spending first to see where your money goes, work out what you can cut back on, and make sure you have a home for each necessary category. It’s the only way to avoid overspending, to pay off debt, and to save as much money as you can.

What is the best bargain you have ever bought?

A £600 car at auction which I knew nothing about and lasted me about two years! I wouldn’t do it again though, I only bid on it through desperation and was very lucky.

What is a product / service you are happy to pay the extra for? 

iPad. I was gifted one by my last company while I was on maternity leave, and it saw me through my first two novels but is now dying a slow and painful death after 7 years. In my opinion while it’s expensive, it’s the best operating system, so I’m saving for a new one!

Tell us something about yourself. 

I’ve written 3 (unpublished) novels, and began my writing career with magazine articles and fiction writing.

And finally…where can we find you on social media? 

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