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Money making expert Katy enjoys helping others to make money – so much that so she started Katykicker to be better able to share her tips and ideas. She’s a money saving forum titan and loves leading the way towards financial freedom. We’ve asked Katy to tell us more about her blog and how she helps her readers to “kick debt into touch”.


Tell us about your blog.

My blog initially started as a way for me to share with others how I was making money online. I was already earning hundreds of pounds online per month back in 2014 from a handful of methods. People would regularly ask me on forums how I was making money. While I’m happy to share with others, I was frankly a little sick of repeatedly typing out private messages. Instead I decided to start my website to document the ways I was making money. Then I could save time by directing people straight to my website.

Why do you write about money?

I love money, who doesn’t?! Money is so important for a number of things in life. Also, being in control of money, making more money and saving more makes me feel in control of life. If I’m ill, and the NHS have a long wait, being able to pay for treatment can be helpful. If someone in my family falls on hard times, having money to help is always useful. I write about money because I want others to be in the same position. I want people to have savings, get out of debt, enrich their lives and feel happier in the process. While money can’t buy you everything in life, when you have some you can do lots of things with it to make you happy.

How did you start blogging?

I started back in 2014 with a free blog. By the end of 2014 I had bought my domain and it took me at least another year to learn about blogging for money. My blog started out just to help others and that has continued while benefiting me in the process. I started blogging because I had quit my job in 2013 to work for myself and this was another string to my bow.


What’s your most popular post and why ?

My most popular post, by a mile, is the one that shows my favourite ways to make and save money online. I assume that this is popular because a lot of people visit my website to find out how they can make or save money. The post is a huge list of a collection of my favourite blog posts. I love updating it regularly and I get a real buzz from knowing that I can genuinely help other people online.


What’s your favourite post you’ve written, and why?

For me it would be a post on how I won £7,906.12! This was a huge stroke of luck while I was matched betting. This is a real clickbait style post, however, it is true. I even provided a screenshot of my account balance to show people that I was being genuine. I still remember how happy I felt when I won the money. Being able to treat people in my family, including booking holidays to see my sister and her children, and my brother and his, was lovely.


What’s your number one money tip?

Make more money AND save more money. It is great to make more money but if you are frivolous it can be a case where the more you earn, the more you spend. Earning more money can make you feel fantastic. This is great but it can lead to overspending too. I make a point to look at our budget at least a few times a year. We cut back on food shopping, reduce our utility bills and save money where we can.


What’s your top blogging tip?

Be true to who you are. When starting out it can be tempting to think about what people expect from you. I prefer to stick to being true to myself. I talk about my own life a lot, my own experiences. I make it clear when I have tried something myself and when I haven’t. Lots of my readers seem to relate to who I am, and like reading my posts, so that is good enough for me!


Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?

Initially I joined the community to see if there were opportunities to make money via my blog. I’ve found lots of great communities for this now, and have condensed down the ones that I am a member of. What keeps me coming back to the UK Money Bloggers community is the helpfulness of other members. Some people are full of tips, others can offer inspiration but everyone has something to offer. Whether it is just a supportive comment on a bad day or a tip for social media, I get lots back from the group. I try to be a supportive member to others and enjoy giving my opinion on things, even if others don’t always agree.

Who are your three favourite UK Money Bloggers?

For me this list changes regularly… I love a number of bloggers. At present I would say Chermaine, from ChammyIRL, Maria from The Money Principle and David from Thinking Thrifty. A very mixed bag here but variety is the spice of life, as they say!

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