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The Money Whisperer, run by Emma Maslin, is a blog that helps readers to be in control of their finances and make the most of the money they have. We interviewed Emma about her blogging journey and her top money tips.

Tell us about your blog.

I started The Money Whisperer initially as a way to empower and inform others on the basic fundamentals of money management and simple products e.g. the best savings accounts for children, how important it is to have a pension, how to apply for tax-free childcare etc.
I want others to be able to make the most of their money so they can enjoy life to the full.
Like I do!


Why do you write about money?

I worked for 15 years in the finance industry, initially in a Big 4 accountancy firm  and since returning from maternity leave, as a finance manager in the early years and education sector.

A lot of my mummy friends used to come to me with financial questions. I do plenty of financial research to invest and grow my own family’s wealth, so to share on my blog seemed an easy extension of this research I was already doing.

It’s important to me that people of my generation who learnt no formal financial literacy at school have access to information so that they can make good choices for themselves and their children.


How did you start blogging?

I’d been thinking about it for a while but I wanted to learn more about the digital world and blogging is as good a way as any, especially when a lot of promoting your blog involves social media as well.


What’s your most popular post and why?

I work part-time in the childcare industry at the moment and I’ve written a couple of honest reviews of the chaos that is the government’s new tax-free childcare scheme and 30 hours funding. They have been really well received by the childcare sector and parents alike as there has been so much miscommunication that people just want a dose of reality.

As bloggers we can provide an influential viewpoint on anything from politics to technology; I’m proud to be using my voice to educate in this instance.


What’s your favourite post you’ve written, and why?

Being the parent I want to be – my social media explosion.

I am most proud of this post because through my blogging journey, I really hope that I am an inspiration to my girls to succeed in the digital world they have been born in to. A world where anyone can be someone through social media and a digital presence.


What’s your number one money tip?

Pay yourself first each month.

Rather than waiting for the end of the month to see what is left to save after you’ve paid all your outgoings, set up a standing order to go into a savings account as soon as you are paid.


What’s your top blogging tip?

Don’t worry about perfection – just get going. A blog will constantly evolve.


Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?

Since starting my blogging journey a little over 3 months ago, I have continued to be amazed by what an inclusive and friendly environment the blogging world is.
I wanted to join with other bloggers within my niche to share my experiences and opportunities in the same way that others have shared with me.
So far, I have been on the receiving end of a lot of advice and opportunities but I hope that as I become more established, I will be able to give back more. I love how much collaboration there is – it is so refreshing compared to the world of business!


Who are your three favourite UK Money Bloggers?

Emma Drew – I was part of the beta test group for her blogging course and it helped me so much with getting my blog set up properly to hit the ground running and start making some money from it. She has such a wealth of information on her blog.
Lynn James – I am loving her recent rebrand of Mrs Mummypenny to include the importance of healthy body and mind for achieving all your goals in life – financial and others. I think this is a great message to sit alongside personal finance, as being in control of everything in your life plays a large role in being able to improve your financial position.
Sara Williams – Debt Camel is a bit different to the rest of the money blogs. Since finding it I have found some useful reference material to help me with my job (when I am having to chase people for debts owed) and also as a landlord.

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