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Non consumerism

After the excesses of Black Friday, we felt it was time to take a step back and think about spending – or not spending. The idea of non-consumerism is popular with many money bloggers, through deliberate “no-spend” days and just habit. Plus with Giving Tuesday taking place, it was a good time to think about giving to charity. Here are the highlights from the Twitter chat.

Q1 – The pressures to spend come from all over

Q2 – We all spend money we know we don’t need to

Q3 – Going without isn’t always easy, but can be done

Q4 – Giving to charity isn’t always as simple as making a donation

#GiveOrGift – how to make the thought really count this Christmas

As money bloggers we all hate money going to waste, so we wanted to find an alternative for people fed up with novelty or misjudged gifts, especially those given through Secret Santa.

So we came up with #GiveOrGift, an easy way for you to ask for a donation to charity instead of receiving a gift. Please do check it out and spread the word.

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