Uk Money Blogger Profile: Little Miss Frugal

Tell us about your blog. is about saving money, earning money and helping you to save and spend wisely across home finances, food, drink and travel.

Why do you write about money?

I’ve always been a frugal spender, to the point that it was making me miserable and consuming my everyday thoughts. I didn’t have debts and was squirrelling away money, depriving myself of what life had to offer. Overtime l have found ways to live a frugal lifestyle whilst being content and happy.

I stand by that being frugal doesn’t mean slashing your spending or depriving yourself of things that you enjoy. It means knowing the value of money and making every effort to spend it wisely.

Sometimes a pinch here allows a splurge there, and through this blog, I hope to help others make decisions on when to do both.

How did you start blogging?

I procrastinated a lot! I spoke about starting this blog for about 3 years! I bought the domain and joined the UK Money Bloggers Facebook group and felt like a fraud for ages because l hadn’t launched it!


A year ago, l bought Emma Drew’s course ‘Turn Your Dreams into Money’ and it took me quitting my job and going travelling to for me to find the time to get going! I work in marketing and felt like l always needed a side hustle under my belt also to help me stand out from the crowd.


What’s your most popular post and why?


Ooh good question, l think I’m too early on in my journey to really have a popular post!


What’s your favourite post you’ve written, and why?


Probably, ‘Save money on food with CityMunch’ because l am aware of one referral off the back of it! I was so giddy with excitement when l got the notification!


What’s your top blogging tip?


“Done is better than perfect”. I worked for a startup and would remind myself of this daily. I now stand by it when blogging. I wish l had started 3 years ago when l first started talking about it. Just do it!


Once you’ve got started, join a network or group. There are so many talented, supportive and knowledgeable people out there to help. No question is too stupid!


Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?


For networking and support, it’s such an invaluable network of people. I have had so much help from more experienced bloggers and it is a great place to share ideas and get involved in collaborations.


Who are your three favourite UK Money Bloggers?


Emma Drew – I have learnt so much from Emma and her courses, having a step-by-list list has made it so much more manageable! I also love the raw and honest posts.

Ruth Makes Money – Ruth is such an inspiration and makes me think that anything really is possible!

Frompenniestopounds – Francesca’s site is just too pretty to not follow! I find the posts so relatable and inspired me to start focusing on making money from all the services out there.


What’s your number one money tip?


When you get paid, put savings away like it is a bill to be paid. But be realistic and allow yourself to live!


What is the best bargain you have ever bought?


A lifestyle blogger that l followed advertised that she was giving her bed away on Twitter and through the Freecycle website. It was completely free and l just had to pay for a van to collect it. It was immaculate condition king-sized bed from John Lewis and it had been slept in only a handful of times. I still have it to this day!


What is a product/service you are happy to pay the extra for?


Organic carrots for sure! They have so much more flavour than regular carrots. It’s worth the extra pennies!


Tell us something about yourself.


My claim to fame was that l was once on Blue Peter! And yes, l have the badge still!


And finally…where can we find you on social media?






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