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Tell us about you and your blog:

I am Neil Doig and the founder of Money Tipps®, author of the book Millennial Money Mindset®, which was shortlisted for a Financial Times writing prize. I have created the world’s first investing trading card game, which is a card game to teach investing in six minutes called Football Formation Asset Allocation®.

Money worries top a poll as the biggest cause of stress and worry, especially as the cost of living crisis starts to bite.

Money Tipps® fights to get more money into your pocket, time in your day and happiness in your life

I offer 1-1 Money coaching, online courses and have published many educational books including my own Millennial Money Mindset. Excited to say my second book Football Finances is coming out in 2023. Money Tipps® website educates, money coaches and empowers better investing, with a wealth of resources available. My current blog is (which is the 7th website that I have built over the years). This blog publishes weekly stories about topics I find interesting about personal finance that will add value to people’s lives. My last three blog articles were 1) The Shocking Secrets Behind the South Sea Bubble Crash! 2) Exploring the Digital Pound: A Look into the Future of Currency And 3) Discovering Ikigai: The Pathway to a Fulfilling Life and Career

What made you start your blog in the ‘money’ niche?

It all started in 2017 when I was made redundant from my job. I was working as a commodity trader for a large Energy company. I was working 12-hour days with 8 computer screens around me making millions of pounds for this corporation. From the outside, I had all the material markers of success but inside I felt empty.

The redundancy was a blessing in disguise as it allowed me the opportunity to decide on career paths to focus on.

I was making good money investing my own money in the stock market so thought it would be a good career move to train to give financial advice as a professional service. I took the regulated Financial Planning exams and was accepted to train to become a wealth manager.

My friends kept asking me for tips to save, spend and invest better. As money and investing is heavily regulated I wasn’t allowed to post online so I decided to put all my concepts, stories and analogies into a book.

The financial advice company I represented refused to allow me to publish this book and still work for them! So I took the bold decision to leave the safety and security of the corporate world. I started my own money coaching business called Money Tipps® and published the book myself. Millennial Money Mindset® was shortlisted for a Financial Times writing prize and was an Amazon bestseller!

What’s your most popular post to date and why?

An Instagram post went viral showing my investing system called Football Formation Asset Allocation. Football Formation Asset Allocation was chapter 5 of my book Millennial Money Mindset and I have turned it into a card game. I decided to share the system that took me over 20 years to create. The post went crazy getting 1000s of likes and 100,000s of views.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about blogging?

I love the freedom of working from anywhere. From a local coffee shop in the dreaming spires of Oxford to a balcony in Greece seeing the sunrise over the sea.

Where does your inspiration come from for money topics?

A lot of my inspiration comes from ordinary people I speak with in my day-to-day life.

One of my recent YouTube video ideas come from a chat with a student who asked me if he should spend his student load on a rowing boat (which is a massive liability) so I created a video called ‘The Dangers of Debt’.

I spoke to a man at a pub, who said he didn’t know where his wages went each month, so I filmed a step-by-step process of the different money accounts he needed and how paying himself first into a savings account was the easiest way to start saving and investing. You can view these on my YouTube channel called Millennial Money Mindset.

What are your 3 tips for getting started with blogging?

1) Start. You will learn more through experience and action than by thinking about starting.

2) Solve a problem. Look for pain points that you can solve that make life easier, quicker or cheaper for others.

3) Look to great writers for inspiration. Read books, observe the world and listen out for problems you can solve. I keep a journal of great ideas from books I read to conversations I overhear on a bus.

Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?

Community. It can be lonely working as a founder trying to make a dent in the Universe. It’s great sharing the journey with others.

Any favourite money bloggers? Tell us about them!

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad has been a huge influence on my work.

I first read his book Rich Dad Poor Dad over a decade ago. Although not technically a blogger I have read most of his books and have even attended his workshop.

He was the original pioneer of Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE). His ideas about personal finance were quite controversial at the time and now just seem normal as they become part of the culture. This is a real sign of greatness.

Quick fire questions…

Number 1 money tip?

Earn more than you spend and invest the difference

Your favourite investment / bargain?

Books. You can invest £15 into a book, which if read and actioned can change the trajectory of your life

Something you hate spending money on vs something you love spending money on?

You don’t need to pay expensive investment platforms fees or financial adviser fees anymore.

I love spending money on education. I have spent £1000s on education and personal development. The best investment is in yourself

Tell us about yourself…

My name is Neil Doig, I live in Oxford and I am a father of two children

I am the founder of Money Tipps®, which is an educational technology platform.

I offer 1-1 money coaching, group coaching at our monthly money meet-ups, and online investment courses, as well as 10 educational books. I have created the world’s first investing trading game, which teaches how to invest in six minutes

I am educating and empowering people to make their own decisions with money, improve money confidence and guide people to financial independence.

I have a podcast and YouTube channel called Millennial Money Mindset after my Amazon best-selling book.

Finally, where can we find you on social media?

Here is the Money Tipps® website, which has a wealth of resources for getting money into your pocket, time in your day and happiness in your life.

Here is my Millennial podcast or search Millennial Money Mindset® on your favourite podcast provider

Here is the link to my Millennial Money Mindset® YouTube channel. Subscribe to get videos to get money into your pocket, time back in your day and happiness in your life.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook

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