UKMB – The Latest Money Content (July 2023)

UKMB latest content round up

If you’re looking for new money content to read and new social channels to follow, here are the latest updates from some of the UK Money Bloggers and Content Creators community members.

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Hot Weather Driving Tips

It might not feel like summer, but there is still – occasionally – hot weather.

Find out how to prepare with hot weather driving tips from The Complaints Resolver.

Is BNPL useful?

Debt Camel shared a handy visual on Instagram to see the impact of Buy Now Pay Later on your finances.

How To Prepare For Rising Mortgage Interest Rates

Money Marshmallow looked into how the Bank of England’s interest rate increases can affect our finances, especially if you have a mortgage.

Have a read of How To Prepare For Rising Mortgage Interest Rates.

Make Money Renting Your Drive

Could you make a steady income on the side renting out your unused driveway?

Pounds and Sense take a look at how you can make money with minimal effort in their guide:

Make a Sideline Income Renting Out Your Driveway.

Monet Habits to Kick-Start Your Turnaround

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with money? Can’t get started or keep finding issues that land you back at square one?

Maria from The Money Principle shares more than 10 healthy money habits to strengthen your financial health.

Online Kid’s Games About Money

If you want to help your children learn more about money, allowing them to play digital games may engage them more in today’s online world.

Money Marshmallow has looked at online games that teach kids about money.

Time To Change Old Stamps

With changes at the Royal Mail, older stamps no longer have value.

However, you don’t need to bin them and lose money, but you can swap them out for the newer barcoded versions.

Pounds and Sense shows how you can exchange your old stamps.


If you want to start saving but believe you’ll struggle with more significant amounts, microsaving may just be the best thing for you.

Money Marshmallow shows how effortless microsaving can be.

Increase in PayPal Interest Rates

PayPal has increased its interest rate and the minimum payments.

Debt Camel looks into these changes, how you can opt-out and what to do if you’re struggling to pay back your debt.

UK Customer Satisfaction Index falls

The Customer Satisfaction Index in the retail sector has fallen to its lowest level since 2015.

You may have noticed this with calls to phone lines busier than usual and complaints taking longer to be dealt with if you have an issue.

The Complaints Resolver discusses the issues customers may see with the index fall.

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