2020 #SHOMOs – The winners!

Much More With Less, Be Clever With Your Cash and The Humble Penny the big winners at the 2020 SHOMO awards.

Usually held in September, the pandemic delayed the annual UK Money Blogger awards until March this year, and then forced us to go virtual – but (better late than never) we’ve finally been able to recognise the best independent money and personal finance content creators in the UK.

Across 14 awards celebrating the full spectrum of money blogs, podcasts, YouTube and social media, judges selected a winner and runner-up.

Among those taking home more than one trophy were and, both winning two categories each and runner up in a third. won one award and was second in another three, while the team was runner up in three categories.

We also had a SHOMOS first in the Micro-Influencer category when Mr Money Jar scored full marks from all the judges.

Other winners were,,,, , Meaningful Money, Mamafurfur & My Frugal Year.

Here’s the full list of results and some judges comments, alongside the names of the other finalists.


Full 2020 SHOMOs winners & runners up

Best New Money blog

One for the newbies. As long as the blog is about money and was started between March 1st 2019 and May 31st 2020, it was in with a shout. (WINNER) (RUNNER UP)

The judges said about : “So much content covering deals and more. Familiar, easy to read style. Really good blog. “

Best Money Saving blog

The site that helps you spend less and regularly cuts your costs through tips, deals, competitions, coupons or freebies. (WINNER) (RUNNER UP)

The judges said about Be Clever With Your Cash: You can tell the research that is put into the posts to ensure they are accurate but you can also really tell the personality behind the writer, which will encourage you to go back as you trust the information.”

Best Money Making blog

These blogs have the tricks and tips to boost your budget. (WINNER) (RUNNER UP)

The judges said about Bee Money Savvy: Clean, easy to navigate blog. With lots of ideas that I didn’t know about. Emma’s personality shines through.”

Best Personal Finance blog

These bloggers know their stuff – and help you make decisions when saving and managing money, covering topics such as banking, bills and savings. (WINNER) (RUNNER UP)

The judges said about Be Clever With Your Cash: Clearly knows his stuff, which always gives the readers the feeling that they’re getting solid advice.”

Best Frugal & Thrift blog

One for the blogs that help you spend as little as possible, these bloggers help readers get by with thrifty tricks and frugal tips. (WINNER) (RUNNER UP)

The judges said about Much More With Less: You can feel Faith isn’t just writing about the subject, but enjoys a realistic frugal lifestyle.”

Best specialist money blog (Food)

Filling the fridge is a big expense, which is where the frugal foodies can really help us dish up tasty meals on a budget., (RUNNER UP) (WINNER)

The judges said about Thrifty Lesley: Recipe cards are great and include costings which is very useful. The posts are focused on cheap, tasty meals.”

Best specialist money blog (Finance)

This new award celebrates the blogs that provide insight and support to a specific financial area. From debt to financial independence to consumer rights. Disability First Time Buyer (RUNNER UP) Debt FIRE Consumer (WINNER) FIRE

The judges said about The Humble Penny Love it. Very distinctive style and making people learn, think and change.”

Best specialist money blog (Investing)

This is the serious stuff from blogs that help you make the big decisions on investing and your future (WINNER) (RUNNER UP)

The judges said about Much More With Less: Faith has a fantastic writing style and really makes what can be a dry and unappealing topic come to life with her words. I can see new investors being really drawn in by the easy way in which she communicates relatively complex concepts to someone who might not know their assets from their bonds”

Best specialist money blog (Lifestyle)

Another category that recognises niche money bloggers, these finalists have cornered the market in money blogging for a specific lifestyle audience. (RUNNER UP) (WINNER)

The judges said about Super Lucky: Informative, helpful, well presented and entertaining.”

Best specialist money blog (Family)

Family finances are a popular topic for readers and these blogs help you make the most of your budget while raising kids. (WINNER) (RUNNER UP)

The judges said about Mrs Mummy Penny: Very easy to navigate site and well-written articles, clearly passionate about saving.”

Best money broadcaster (podcasts)

These are the money and finance podcasts you can’t stop listening to. As with our blogging categories it’s the independents we’re celebrating.

Cash Chats (Be Clever With Your Cash) (RUNNER UP)
Conversations of Money
In Her Financial Shoes
Meaningful Money. (WINNER)
Money to the Masses
Pennies to Pounds

The judges said about Meaningful Money: “Pete is so easy to listen to and explains everything in a way which makes you want to look up another episode as soon as one has finished. He is a wealth of knowledge, but speaks in such a down-to-earth manner that even those with little financial knowledge can understand. Such a wide range of topics covered in his latest series – Ultimate Guides – these are exceptional.”

Best money broadcaster (video)

These finalists make a difference to your finances via video on platforms such as YouTube and IGTV.

Andy Clever Cash
Conversations of Money
Looking After Your Pennies
Mamafurfur (WINNER)
Panda Boss
The Humble Penny (RUNNER UP)

The judges said about MamaFurFur: The videos are really clear and all the information is genuinely useful. The graphics stand out and add to the whole experience!”

Best money influencer (Over 10,000 followers)

For those with 10,000+ followers on a single platform. 

Looking After Your Pennies (Tik Tok)
Lotty Burns (Twitter)
Money Medics (Instagram)
My Frugal Year (Instagram) (WINNER)
Reduce Your Supermarket Spend (Facebook)
The Money Fox (Instagram) (RUNNER UP)

The judges said about My Frugal Year: “A lot of the posts acknowledge the responsibility Clare has towards her community and that is totally my jam. But several of her captions pack a huge emotional punch too.”

Best money micro-influencer

Recognising the social media influencers with less than 10,000 followers on their chosen platform. 

Looking after your Pennies (Instagram)
Money Whisperer (Instagram)
Mr Money Jar (Instagram) (WINNER)
The Frugal Cottage (Instagram)
Thrifty Londoner (Instagram)
Your Best Friends Guide to Cash (Facebook) (RUNNER UP)

The judges said about Mr Money Jar: Original, fresh and fun. Using his highly unique style Mr Money Jar makes some really technical topics accessible to all.”


Winners can save these images to their computers to put on their blogs and channels. Please link back to this page.

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