Best of the Blogs – June 2017

Are you ready for more amazing posts from your favourite UK Money Bloggers?

I hope you are because this month is a bumper collection of posts from the UK Money Blogger community and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love them all!

Eileen is sharing 10 signs that you could change your mindset around money, because changing the way you think about money is so important in managing your finances more effectively.

Katy is sharing this post about no longer declaring her income to explain why she has stopped sharing her details online so openly.

Pete is sharing a post about how to save money on your mobile phone contract.

Laura is sharing this post about the 30 free hours childcare scheme that starts across England in September. It explains how the hours work, who qualifies, and if it really covers what the government say it will.

Sara has been looking at 95% mortgages – they are now more freely available which is good for first time buyers, but there are some points to watch out for.

Lesley is sharing this post for lovely home made Nutella. It costs the same, but has much improved nutrition and is wonderful stuff.

Morgan is sharing why you should be saving for Christmas in June plus some great how to tips.

Emma is sharing how to save money on your foreign currency when you go abroad this summer.

Lee has put together a list of 40 questions to ask when you’re thinking of buying a house. She made this list for herself when she and her husband bought their first home!

Martyna is sharing her Amazon Prime Day recommendations.

Hollie is sharing her post about how to make a family bucket list of thrifty or free activities to do and places to visit over summer.

Nick is sharing his post about the benefits of writing a book.  And no, it’s not just about making money.

Yaz is sharing 7 self-care routines to clear your mental clutter and create a minimalist mindset.

Mike is sharing this post because the Lifetime Allowance is one of the most misunderstood allowances in the UK tax system.

Fiona is sharing her post on Migraines and Money, looking at the implications that long term (and often misunderstood illnesses) can have on your finances.

Boost My Budget is sharing this list of apps that can help make big savings (and score some freebies!) on your weekly shop.

Emma is sharing what you can do if you are missing The Orchard at Tesco, with lots of ways to still save money on your groceries.

Esther is sharing a post on How to Budget on an Irregular Income for those who are self-employed or freelancing.

Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash has revealed how you can make huge savings on food from M&S.

Shoestring Jane is sharing this post about how you can enjoy a frugal holiday!

Olly from Savvy Dad has put together a guide showing ways to best use supermarket price guarantees and promises. You really can save big by using these to your advantage.

Kerry is sharing this post because it shows a variety of ways you can donate to charity – knitted breasts anyone?

David is sharing this post to show that creativity and hard graft can save you an absolute fortune on renovations if you put your mind and back into it!

Michelle from Time and Pence is sharing this post because it is such a simple skill to learn and a great way to make extra money.

Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny is sharing her story of June the month of transition, decisions and change.

LottyEarns breaks the news story about Monsoon ending its 70% off sale.

Ever been nosey about what people buy when food shopping and why? Faith from Much More With Less is sharing the story of a shopping list, including tips on cutting costs and meal planning.

Skinted Minted Mum helps the Mail on Sunday uncover yet another way budget airlines can add to your bill – this time after you’ve actually paid!

Tightwad Mama is sharing her post on how to financially prepare for a baby. Because having kids doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think!

And lastly there’s my post with three super simple tips on how you can save.


Have fun reading!

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