The best of the blogs | November 2016

Best money blogs November 2016

From teaching your kids about money through to how to earn cashback, plus some handy Christmas saving tips, here’s a round-up of the blogs you might have missed in November.

Each article has been chosen by the bloggers themselves, so this really is the best of the best.

Andy Webb: As a community we’re running a campaign this Christmas to stop cash being wasted on silly Secret Santa presents and donated to charity instead. Here’s more about why we’re doing it and how you can get involved.

Secret Santa: How to make the thought really count and give to charity with #GiveOrGift

Kalpana Fitzpatrick: How Pokemon cards prompted me to talk to my son about money.

Emma Drew: I chose this post because it was an in depth look at the highs and lows of my first year of being fully self employed, including cash flow problems that small business owners may face.

Highs and lows of my first year being self-employed

Kelly Eroglu: Mine has to be The TBSEEN event we attended, as it makes sense to get some money back on our mad Christmas shopping, when savviness often goes out of the window !

Start earning cashback from Christmas !

Ricky Willis: Luxury gift hampers make a great gift but they are really expensive. Instead of buying expensive gift hampers it’s far cheaper to make a luxury one yourself.

How to Make Luxury Gift Hampers (on a Budget)

Katy Stevens: What you need to know when your energy provider goes bust!

GB Energy Supplies goes bust – What happens now?

Lynn James: I wrote this post with my top tips to on educating children about personal finance. Start them young.

Chermaine Samphire: We started teaching my son about money by giving him his own bank card, I was that impressed I decided to review it.

Teach Your Child About Money With goHenry

Martyna Sroka-Lalewicz: I came across the Giffgaff calendar and decided to mention it on my blog when describing the last Black Friday event, so that we know when is the best time to buy certain items.

How to have Black Friday & Shop & Save all Year Round?

Francesca Mason: I have chosen this post because I am a huge supporter of everyone becoming entrepreneurs and creating their own business!

Sara Williams: How to improve your credit score seems to have been a big theme for 2016, but some of the touted solutions may not be as good as they sound – as I found out here when I looked at Credit Ladder in detail.

Credit Ladder – can renting boost your credit rating?

Eileen Adamson: These fantastic homemade Christmas presents will help you to cut costs, yet still give amazing Christmas presents that will be truly loved and appreciated by the recipeint.

Homemade Christmas gifts – 10 truly special ideas

Faith Archer: Keen to teach your children about cash? Try chocolate. This post is all about how I got my daughter to think about making the most of her pound a week. Goodbye healthy eating, hello lessons in money!

Maria Nedeva: Our world is changing very rapidly and with it the rules of personal finance are changing as well. Old rules become part of a mythology while the new rules are being established. One such ‘myth’ is the uncritical glorification of compound interest. In this post, I explain why compound interest is really over-rated

David Taylor: My mum used to have a whole host of ‘annoying’ sayings as I was growing up, now I know what she was getting at!

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