How your Secret Santa can support The Trussell Trust and Stand Up to Cancer | #GiveOrGift

Trussell Trust Stand Up to Cancer Give or Gift

This Christmas the UK Money Blogger community and BT My Donate are asking you to ask for a charity donation rather than a Secret Santa gift.

In part, it’s because we hate seeing so much money wasted on gifts that often end up – let’s face it – unwanted, but also because we know people would like to see the money being spent somewhere it could really make a difference.

If you take part in #GiveOrGift, the money will be supporting six charities. Here’s the first in three blogs telling you about each of them and why we’ve picked them for the campaign.


Why we’re supporting The Trussell Trust

The Trussel Trust

By Faith Archer from Much More For Less

If you’re stocking up on supplies for Christmas, spare a thought for all those who are struggling to put food on the table.

As UK Money Bloggers, we are well aware that food costs can be a big chunk of the family budget. Finding enough money for food can be a massive problem when right now, here in the UK, more than 13 million people live below the poverty line.

The Trussell Trust runs a network of more than 420 foodbanks, giving emergency food and support to people in crisis across the UK. Last year, it gave out over 1.1 million packages with emergency food supplies to last for three days.

Hours get cut, jobs end, benefits get suspended, relationships break down, people get ill. Every single day, people hit by unexpected emergencies face hunger.

A package from a food bank can make all the difference to someone on a low wage, or struggling to cover household bills.

Currently, the Trussell Trust is bracing itself for December, their busiest month. In the run-up to Christmas, many Trussell Trust foodbanks also provide seasonal extras like festive food hampers and presents for children. In cold weather, the Trussell Trust helps cut costs through fuelbanks and fuel voucher schemes, and distributing warm clothes and blankets.

Throughout the year, ithe charity also works to combat poverty by providing tools and courses to manage debt, and offering cookery and budget management classes.

Foodbanks can help prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problems. Surely that is worth more than a novelty Santa hat?

Make a difference this Christmas – let your Secret Santa gift help towards supporting the Trussell Trust.

Why we’re supporting Stand up to Cancer

Stand Up To Cancer

By David Jack Taylor from Thinking Thrifty

Unbelievably, one in two of us are now affected by cancer. It is a subject close to my heart as our family lost my granddad, the captain of our ship, 11 years ago to this awful disease. Cancer got a hold of Jack Taylor and took him in a matter of four short weeks. I’ve seen first-hand the devastation this brings to a family.

But, the guys at Stand up to Cancer are on a mission to kick cancers arse into touch once and for all, with cutting edge Translational Research aiming to get new and improved cancer treatments to those who need them most quicker.

The cost of getting treatments from trial to market is phenomenal and getting higher with each passing year. We need your help you get there quicker and put an end to the misery this monster causes families all around the world.

An incredible £15,700,222 has already been donated, better still, EVERY single penny of that goes directly into the research and the fight to eradicate all cancers from the world once and for all.

So please, this Christmas, before you take that Secret Santa gift, consider donating the money to this fantastic cause.

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