Relationships & money | #MondayMoneyUK

Relationships and money

Each week members of the UK Money Bloggers network and their readers join up to take a different #MondayMoneyUK topic.

Following news that only a quarter of eligible couples had claimed for the marriage tax allowance, the bloggers took on money and relationships.

This week our editor Andy Webb was the host. Here’s our pick of the best tweets and tips:

Are coupons acceptable on a first date?

It seems weΒ money bloggers are cheap dates

Which is more expensive – being single or relationships?

Despite the benefits of being in a couple like two incomes, two for one movies and the marriage tax allowance, it seems life just gets more expensive when there two of you.

Savings for singletons

Overcoming the curse of multipack vegetables by batch cooking and living with mates to bring down money spent on bills were key ways people on their own could cut their costs.

Cashback for couples

When there are two of you, there’s a team – meaning you need to work together to make the most of your finances. Plus there’s the advantage of Netflix and chill…

Bigger problems…

It seems that as life moves on and relationships grow, so you do you expenses. Having a family, buying a home and getting married can be big outgoings which have an impact when things change.

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